Dun Dreamin Ranch
Consignment option

Consider us for a new opportunity.

Want to buy a new horse but have to sell yours first? We understand that selling your horse as a private party is much harder and time consuming than selling your horse under a business name. That's what we are here for.

Ask us for more information on how to consign your horse off site or on site with us. Not only do we do all of the work selling the horses while you get to be worry free, we also keep up on all of the feeding, vet bills, and training!

We would love to help you out and help you find your horse a new loving home.

All buyers please read.
  • $500 nonrefundable deposit to hold, must be paid in full before leaving.
  • 7 days free board after purchase.
  • Hauling arrangements can be made.
  • Pre-purchase exams welcome at buyers expense.
  • If paying with personal check, check must clear before horse leaves.
  • Paypal welcome, but there is a 3% fee.
  • I have MANY references.

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    I couldn't be happier with the work they did...

    "The day has come! Roo is back home and I'm starting to ride her. Nikki Huiting and her niece Kasey Schwaller did a fantastic job getting her started and down the trails. I couldn't be happier with the work they did and it was a huge weight off my shoulders to have someone put the first 60 days on her for me. It's good to have her home where I can hopefully get another month or 2 in before letting her have downtime over winter."


    I'd be happy to work with Nikki again...

    "Nikki was fabulous to work with! She was honest, flexible and very knowledgeable. Milo is a sweetheart and worth every penny. I'd be happy to work with Nikki again in any capacity."

    - Sara Quinnell


    I will definitely be a lifelong customer...

    "Nikki was wonderful to work with. She answered all of my questions honestly and promptly. When we went to look at Jasper she not only made sure he was a good fit for me, but also that I was a good fit for him. She made sure I could ride him to his fullest potential. Jasper is everything she said he is and more. An absolute dream horse that I feel lucky to own. I highly recommend Nikki to anyone looking for their next horse. I will definitely be a lifelong customer."

    - Kallie Leckson


    His listing online was 100% accurate...

    "Nikki and Dun Dreamin Appaloosa Ranch are fantastic. We found our dream horse and the process to get him was smooth and seamless. His listing online was 100% accurate. We were able to spend a lot of time with him at the ranch. Nikki helped arrange his transportation for me which was a huge help. I would highly recommend buying a horse from Nikki. She takes great care of her horses and is honest and trustworthy."

    - Emile


    I would highly recommend Nikki Huiting for all your horse needs...

    "I just wanted to give a huge shout out and thank you to Nikki Schwaller Huiting! She is your go to person when you are in the market for horses!! We corresponded long distance regarding Fletcher. She is everything and more that she said he was. I could not imagine my life without him. He has the sweetest and most gentle personality, not only towards humans but my boxer Fiona. He enjoys sparring with his pasture buddies, Quincy and Domino. I would highly recommend Nikki Huiting for all your horse needs, be it with purchases, placement of your horses, horse knowledge and direction for transportation. Thank you Nikki!"

    - Dee Dee Van Beek


    I would recommend Nikki to anyone...

    "I was looking for a confidence building horse. I had looked at many already and I was very worried I was never going to find that right horse. I contacted Nikki thru Facebook. I have been watching her post for a couple years now all these wonderful horses. She is very knowledgeable and helpful. She was able to help me find exactly what I was looking for. She answered all my many, many questions. She sent me updates on horses as she was evaluating them finding one that sounded like just what I needed. She had a very flexible schedule allowing me to come out and see Reggie and test ride him. She was very honest in what she thought of him. She has a huge love for animals and it shows in the care and effort she puts into all of her animals. She made sure Reggie was up to date on all his cares before I brought him home. I boarded him with her for a couple weeks because I had a vacation planned and she went above and beyond sending me videos and pictures of him while I was gone. Even after bringing him home she has kept in contact with me checking on us and making sure things are going well. I would recommend Nikki to anyone looking for that special addition.

    Thank you so much for all of your help. I will be in touch with more photos and updates of him."

    - Sammi Morgan


    How I found my Dream Horse...

    "Earlier this year I met a mare that was purchased from Dun Dreamin Ranch. She is a wonderful riding mare. I contacted Nikki and asked if she had any Appaloosas for sale. My dream horse has always been a loud colored Appy, but one that is sound, kind, safe for the whole family, reliable in the woods and on the roads. Not easy to find a horse like that. Nikki ended up selling me her personal Appy Mare and the best part is- this Mare is in foal to our second favorite breed...a spotted Gypsy Vanner. That is like finding a needle in a haystack. We feel so lucky! We live in Michigan, so the help she gave us with transportation made everything so easy."

    - Colette C.


    Nikki was there to support Murdoch and me...

    "I want to give a shout out to Nikki Hurting ~ I had an excellent purchasing experience of my new horse friend, Murdoch. From the first time I contacted her of my interest in Murdoch to his final delivery, Nikki was there to support Murdoch and me for a smooth transition. Nikki is very knowledgeable in 'horse sense' and willing to give suggestions where needed without being assuming. I would highly recommend Nikki Huiting when thinking of purchasing your next horse."

    - Mona Karau


    You don't have to look any farther than Nikki...

    "I had been considering buying a second horse for years. I looked at Nikki's website many times over the years and found out she had a great reputation in training & selling horses.

    Recently, I saw a horse (Rooney) that I was interested in at Nikki's. I texted her my needs in a horse and she responded immediately. She kept in contact with me over the next month regarding Rooney. Nikki was honest with me when Rooney had a setback in his training, letting me know that he might not be the perfect horse for me. Who does that when they want to sell a horse? Nikki is a very honest person who cares not only for the horse, but also for the person buying the horse.

    I decided to test ride Rooney and spoke at length with Nikki. I discovered that Nikki and I have a lot in common. We like the same trainers and training methods, we love the same breed of horses (who doesn't like spots?), but most of all, I discovered an honest and passionate horse trainer in Nikki.

    I bought Rooney and he is everything she said he was. Not only did Nikki connect me to the right horse for me, she also did everything in her power to try to trailer Rooney to me over the Christmas holiday.

    If anyone is looking to purchase a horse from someone who is honest, caring, passionate and willing to give her time and advice, you don't have to look any farther than Nikki Schwaller Huiting.

    Thank you for all you do Nikki!!"

    - Kim Flynn and Rooney


    Nikki has made herself available to answer questions...

    "We cannot thank Nikki enough for selling us Roscoe now known as Ace. Nikki has been wonderful to work with from the start. I called her for another horse that she had just sold. After chatting with her about what we were looking for she suggested a handsome Standardbred called Roscoe. She was very honest with me about his abilities. Nikki sent me videos and texts answering all of our questions. We made the three hour trip to take a look at Roscoe and fell in love with him. Since we brought him home Nikki has made herself available to answer questions. It is obvious she cares deeply for her animals and is very knowledgeable. I would recommend her to anyone looking to purchase a horse."

    - The Sickles


    Thank you Nikki for listening...

    "After looking awhile I was interested in another horse at Nikki's who to my disappointment was already sold. Nikki said I have another horse you might like... boy was she right! Thank you Nikki for listening to my desires and finding me a wonderful partner."


    There aren't too many people in the horse world quite like her...

    "I'm not quite sure where to begin. I have wanted to own a horse since I was a little girl. Since I could not own one when I was a child—I read about them, I drew them, I dreamed about them, I talked about them, I did what I could just to be around them—yep, I was that little girl.

    "Flash forward—I'm an adult with three young, animal loving girls of my own. They are in 4H. I rescued my first horse in June of 2019. He was a 20 year old gelding named Cowboy. He was— what I would learn in the horse world—what they would call a hard keeper. His teeth were poor and I could not keep weight on him despite my very best efforts and all the groceries I could buy. I had known Nikki only for a few years—I was a teacher at the school where her daughters attended. Even though I hadn't bought this horse from Nikki—she answered my questions and made recommendations to me. I was struggling and I felt like I had failed Cowboy. Nikki was never rude to me and was always helpful. Cowboy passed away in October of 2019 from unknown causes. The girls and I were devastated. I began horse shopping again—but was so leery. Horse shopping is no where near as fun or enjoyable as naive little me had once thought. Some sellers are difficult to work with—some horses meet some criteria but not all, etc...

    "Flash forward again—April of 2020. Nikki messaged me about a mare she has for sale. Now—a mare is nothing I had considered. I was pretty sure I was a gelding girl. Nikki told me all about her—and since she knew exactly what my girls and I would be looking for in a horse—I had to go and see this mare for myself. Kat, the mare, was all that Nikki had said she was—calm, quiet, not marish. We visited a few more times before committing to bringing Kat home.

    "I have owned Kat now since the beginning of August. Horse ownership is not for the faint of heart—I am learning and growing all the time. We have had our challenges—but we have had our successes and I know my confidence is growing. Kat is a part of the family now. As we learn more about each other—I just can't help but smile. I know she will help teach my young girls so much. Nikki has become a friend and some one I greatly respect for her professionalism and honesty—there aren't too many people in the horse world quite like her. Thank you Nikki for your support during the horse shopping process and your continued support as I learn about what it means to be a horse owner."

    - The Martens


    Back for seconds!!!

    "I bought my first horse from Nikki, 3 years ago, and I knew at that time, that if I was ever going to get another horse where I would go. So when the time came for me to get a horse for my husband, so we could ride together, I went to Nikki, and found Whiskey. He is everything she said he was. The perfect match for my husband, the two of them get along great together. Nikki also helped me find someone to haul Whiskey for me, since I don't have a trailer, she gave me the name of a hauler, that she has used. Thanks to MJK Transportation, Whiskey was delivered to me, with no issues. And Thanks to Nikki for helping me find another perfect trail horse."

    - Elaine and Terry Neuhaus


    You can tell that she loves her horses...

    "On July 31st, Nikki delivered Raina to our home. We were adding her to a herd of one horse and a mini.

    Since I will be 'celebrating' my 60th birthday soon, and I have 4 granddaughters (ages 6 and under), I wanted a well-trained horse. Besides that, she would have to be kind to my mini and a 'high-strung' mare.

    It was amazing to witness how Raina just moved right in with her kind and gentle manner! In no time at all, they were all bonded.

    Raina has been my 'teacher' seeing as I had lost my confidence in an accident on my other mare.

    Nikki is always there to offer advice and promptly answers my questions. She never acts like she is too busy to help. You can tell that she loves her horses; Raina reflects this by how she shows affection to humans."

    - Sue Zahorik


    I went back for another horse...

    "Our family recently purchased Zuko from Nikki. I saw Zuko's video on Facebook and contacted Nikki. I had previously purchased a Paint gelding named Poncho from Nikki 3 years ago and had such a good experience, I went back for another horse. I am new to horse ownership and I appreciate Nikki's honesty and advice she gives when purchasing a horse. My daughter was able to go ride Zuko with Nikki there evaluating and giving advice. I actually have a lot of fun visiting Nikki, but I am afraid I will just keep buying horses. Thank you again Nikki for all your advice."

    - The Wood Family


    The best horse buying experience for me ... EVER!!!

    "I would like to extend a sincere thank you to Nikki Schwaller-Huiting for being an honest horse seller. I am an older rider with less experience and knowledge about horses. I am here to tell you, Nikki is the real deal. I was looking for a new horse, and of course, thought of Nikki as I've been in contact with her for quite a few years. I texted back and forth with her with all of my questions, and I had a lot. She never seemed annoyed, and always answered my questions to the full extent and honestly, I have not had my horse long enough to comment completely on how he will do, but I am very optimistic that we will be a great match. He is the horse that she advertised, and that is definitely a breath of fresh air. Finally!!

    My husband and I made the 3.5 hour trek to Amberg, but it was totally worth it. I knew that Nikki was a great person via Facebook message, but in person, she is even better. She knew of the problems that I was having and did all that she could to accommodate my needs. Who does that? When we arrived at Nikki's, she greeted us with open arms. She showed me everything from lifting feet, to desensitizing and sacking out my new horse, Piper (aka, Pie). Even though she does a thorough job of this during the videos she makes for selling purposes, she goes over everything again in person. Then, you hop on for a ride and she will guide you and make suggestions so that you learn with your new horse. I felt so comfortable with Nikki. I know that you read a lot about how great she is, and maybe even wonder...but I'm telling you, she is the next person you should go to for your next horse.

    If she feels the horse is not a match for you, she will tell you. She's up front, and as honest as they come. I cannot stress that enough. She checks in on me frequently, which I love, and is concerned about you and your horse even after you get home. I have a very good feeling about my new partner in crime, and I have Nikki to thank. She will stand behind her horses. I know that I will have a million questions for Nikki, but I also know that she will always be there to help me and guide me. I do not hesitate to pass on her name, and would not hesitate to work with her again. I hope she doesn't get tired of all my questions.

    Nikki has great horses, and you can feel 100% confident that she checks them over, knows their vices if any, has them vet checked, shots, teeth floating, coggins, are all up to date when you take your new horse home.

    Thank you, Nikki, you truly have been the best horse buying experience for me ... EVER!!!"

    - Judy


    Thank you Nikki for helping me find my very first heart horse!!!!

    "I am a beginner who was looking for my very first horse that was 'just right' for me, when I spotted Shandy on Nikki's website. My trainer and I went to meet her and Nikki took the time to answer all of my questions and then some! Nikki was very informative and very pleasant to talk with. She took her time making sure we knew everything about Shandy that we needed to know. By the end of our visit we, including Nikki, knew this horse was perfect for me!!! Nikki and her husband were extremely helpful and accommodating when it came to delivering Shandy to me since I had no trailer which was a HUGE help!!! Shandy (now known as Luna) is everything Nikki said she would be and more, I love her to pieces! Nikki checks in with me to see how Luna is doing which tells me that she really cares for her horses and cares who they end up with. I would highly recommend to anyone looking for a horse to contact Nikki, it is not easy with so many untrustworthy people out there, I am very lucky to have gotten my first horse from someone who I could trust! Thank you Nikki!!!!!"

    - Jen Kordish


    He is the kind of horse that really takes care of me under saddle...

    "Nikki was recommended to me by a friend who bought a horse from her, and this friend found her equine life partner through Nikki. I wasn't looking for Tuck when he showed up on her page, but I think it was fate. Nikki is very kind and honest, a down-to earth lady! She was careful in her decision to match me and this horse together making sure we would be a good fit! We are more than a good fit, we are life partners! I grew up with horses of all different personalities and breeds. I could tell Tuck was going to be by far the best riding horse I've ever owned within just a couple weeks of owning him. To say I'm the happiest horse loving girl in the world is an understatement. He is the kind of horse that really takes care of me under saddle, outgoing and fearless. In just a few weeks my confidence with horses is bigger than it's ever been. I suspect he isn't the only one like him, and I think every person that loves horses and wants to ride needs to find a horse that makes them enjoy being around them. If ever I need to find another horse I will ask Nikki! She knows what she's doing and she's great at what she does! Thank you Nikki for making my dream of having a horse again come true!"

    - Missy Halvas


    Nikki never tried to talk me into buying her...

    "I am an old woman who has ridden all my life. My good riding buddy of 19 years died unexpectedly and I was devastated. It was a double whammy because not only did my horse die but it would be the end of riding for me. I found Jinx on line and she was advertised as a confidence builder. I went up to Nikki's and tried her out, fell in love. She is not a dead head but sane, sensible and responsive. We rode down the trail at Nikki's and I just knew she'd take care of me. She is also the sweetest horse I have ever worked with. Nikki never tried to talk me into buying her, she was professional and honest. She knows the horse she is selling and tells you the truth. I am delighted with Jinx who I renamed Ruby. I would highly recommend Nikki Huiting. She listened to my concerns, understood what I was looking for and wants a good match for horse and rider. Nikki has been available to answer any questions I had about Ruby's care and tack. Her husband was able to deliver Ruby and the fee was quite reasonable. I would recommend Dun Dreamin Appaloosa Ranch to purchase or for training."

    - Susan Hatfield


    I would like to personally recommend Nikki...

    "Thank you, Nikki Schwaller Huiting for this wonderful Paint, Saffron. She is everything that you said she is. I couldn't be more pleased with her. I would like to personally recommend Nikki to anyone looking for a good horse. She works and moves a lot of horses and is very good and knowledgeable. Most of all, she is honest with the buyer. As an older rider I so appreciate that and she will tell you straight up if a horse is or is not compatible for your needs. I feel that I have a perfect match for my needs and am looking forward to many happy hours in the saddle."

    - Brenda Pelto

    ledger victory

    I will definitely recommend you to anyone...

    "Hi Nikki,

    I wanted to send you a note and thank you for your help in finding two horses that we absolutely love. Your support in finding just the right horses for us means a lot. You took time to ask questions and listen to what we were looking for in a horse and recommended horses based on evaluation of their skills. I also really appreciate the fact that you've reached out since we took them home asking how they're doing. I will definitely recommend you to anyone that I come across that may be looking for a horse.

    Thanks again."

    - Heidi Harris

    rocket man

    There is no way she would sell you a horse that is not a good fit...

    "I just would like to say my friend recently lost his mare and was trying to find a kind hearted sturdy horse again for trail riding. Rocket man is his new boy. He has filled a part of the hole left in his heart with him because Nikki is so kind, caring and trustworthy. I would recommend her for anyone looking for a good safe horse, whatever you are looking for she will be the one to contact! She fits her horses with their riders and there is no way she would sell you a horse that is not a good fit. I trusted her for my friend Tim and he thanks her everyday for him. So if ever anyone is looking please check her out. She cares for her animals and is a kind hearted soul! Thank you Nikki for helping us out!"

    - Terri Jerow/Tim Collins


    I highly recommend Nikki to anyone looking for a horse...

    "I couldn't be any happier with Deuce. Nikki was upfront and open about everything. She answered all my questions and made sure we were a good fit. She even checked up after he was here a few days. Deuce is everything I wanted and then some in a horse.

    After losing my gelding of 14 years a few weeks prior, I knew I wanted another gelding to fill the gap in my heart. I love my mares but needed a gelding again. Deuce was that and then some. He is so sweet and willing and gives it his all even if he is unsure. He fit in with my 2 mares well and is such a lover.

    Even Miss Harper, my 2 year old cousin, loves him. He is so patient and friendly. He wants to make friends with anything and everyone he meets. He is the first to come for kisses and love.

    We had an amazing trail ride today and I can't wait to see what the future holds for us. I highly recommend Nikki to anyone looking for a horse. She is honest, upfront and truly wants the best for horse and rider. She sure can make some amazing horses! Anyone is lucky to buy a horse from her.

    Thank you so much Nikki for helping fill the hole in my heart again."

    - Megan Ecker


    Genuine love of horses...

    "I am green as green can be!! I had no idea what I should be looking at, for... nada. I just new I wanted to get back on a horse like when I was a kid. I started browsing websites and Dun Dreamin kept popping up everywhere I looked. I saw the most beautiful horse I had ever laid eyes on but thought he'd be too big for me. What the heck, I'm going to call about him anyway.

    Texted with Nikki back and forth about my inexperience and she initially didn't think he'd be a good fit. He needed a more advanced rider. Right there I knew I was dealing with an honest person. She could have really taken me for a ride (no pun intended).

    She had a few people ride him including a beginner rider and he did great. She took videos for me to take a look.

    Went to go see the horse. Couldn't get over how she connects with horses. I call her Amberg's very own horse whisperer. The horses are well taken care of, great temperament and each one cherished. She taught me so much in the one hour we spent together with what is now my baby, Azul.

    I had a million questions after I got him and she's always there to help. I would never hesitate to get another horse from her and hope she doesn't tire of my endless questions. Thank you Nikki, for helping me find my 'BHF' Best horse forever."

    - Rejaunne Kubik


    Your video helped me to learn more about Theo given the distance...

    "Wanted to send a quick note. Theo is doing so well and he really is so sweet. We enjoyed a great trail ride last weekend and I found that he prefers to be the "trail boss". You were so right, "not a hot head but definately not a dead head!" He has such a good disposition and warm character, I couldn't have imagined a better fit for me! I just wanted to share how much your video helped me to learn more about Theo given the distance. Thank you so very much!"

    gilligan solo and zorro

    I've got 3 of the most fantastic horses I've ever owned...and I got them from Nikki

    "I am shouting from the roof tops, because I wanted everyone to know I've got 3 of the most fantastic horses I've ever owned in my 35 years of owning horses, and I got them from Nikki. If anyone is looking to purchase a horse, I recommend you check with her first. She knows her horses and they are true to what she tells you they are. I went looking for 1 or 2 and I came home with 3. She wants them to find good homes so she makes sure they are a good fit for what you are looking for. It was a 3 1/2 hour drive for me, but the drive was well worth that and more. So horse buyers alert - she is honest and well worth your time and travel to visit her, not what you would normally find with others trying to sell their horses. Wonderful experience, and 3 wonderful horses."

    - Cindy Stoflet


    We will definitely be back...

    "Corporal is everything we wanted! We could not be happier about how up front and honest Nikki and Alex were about everything we asked them! When we are on the market for our next horse we will definitely be back! They even checked in on him a couple of times since he's been home. Great horses, great people!!!"

    - Abbie Leavens


    She kept the info coming right up to the day he loaded...

    "Want to share my overwhelming experience with Nikki of Dun Dreamin Appaloosa. Before I met Nikki I had lost my mare and decided to jump right back with my dream horse . After much searching I discovered Nikki had not one but two meeting my criteria. Well since 500 miles separated us I contacted Nikki and shared my dream with her. Not only did she keep me updated, she sent pics and videos everyday during their evaluation. I made a decision and Nikki agreed that my boy was best pick for my dream horse. She kept the info coming right up to the day he loaded on transporter, which she highly recommended, including his farrier, dental and vaccination process. I had never purchased a horse without personally seeing, but with Nikki I had no worries. She walked me thru everything thoroughly. Could not be happier and my boy is everything she told me plus."

    - Cathy Kiser Newman


    If I ever buy another horse I'll go back to her...

    "Chaplain was our second purchase from Nikki. And if I ever buy another horse I'll go back to her. We love our new guy so much. He is a pleasant companion to our mare and he is proving to be a perfect confidence builder for my 10 year old daughter. I only wish I live closer to Nikki so I could absorb more of her knowledge. Nikki is 100% attentive and almost immediately responsive with questions or concerns that ever come up. I can't say enough positive things about her."


    Jack is my dream horse...

    "After struggling to find someone I trusted in the horse world, I met Nikki and she introduced me to my new best friend. She has an amazing ability to understand what you're looking for in a horse and find a perfect match. Anytime I purchase, I will always return to her. Fantastic trail horses, very accurate in her skills assessment of them and honest about what she currently has available. She cares about where her horses end up, which was so important to me!!! Nikki is an animal lover who is passionate for horses finding their people. It wasn't about making money fast or getting rid of horses and I never felt pressured to purchase. Her horses do sell quickly, but that is because the people who know her really trust her. Thank you for all of your help and kindness...Jack is my dream horse and I love him so much!!"

    - Erin Gutowski


    Zuma has been absolutely EVERYTHING Nikki said she'd be...

    "We purchased Zuma for our daughter after her pony went missing. Nikki went above and beyond for us during this whole process. She answered all of my questions and disclosed every detail about this pony to us. Even after we brought her home Nikki stayed in contact with me, checked in, and continued to answer any questions that came up regarding our pony. Our pony had a bit of a sunburn when we got her and Nikki gave us some cream to continue treatment instead of making us buy our own. Zuma has been absolutely EVERYTHING Nikki said she'd be and we are all so very thankful to have found this wonderful pony for my daughter to enjoy! I would definitely buy from Dun Dreamin Appaloosa Ranch again."

    - Angela Keegan


    My daughter is over the moon in love with her new little mare...

    "Great experience buying a horse. My daughter was looking for her first horse. We had missed out on a few that had deposits already put down, but Nikki told us of a mare that was coming in for evaluation and sounded like a perfect fit for what we were looking for. We put a deposit down after an update from Nikki on how evaluation was going. Made a day trip to see the mare and also another horse there. With Nikki and Alex riding first my daughter was able to ride, and with their guidance make a decision between the 2 horses which one fit best. My daughter is over the moon in love with her new little mare and she is everything Nikki said she would be."

    - Lisa Olson


    If I ever decide to add to my herd I'll go right back to Nikki...

    "I picked up Chief a week ago today and couldn't be happier. He is exactly as Nikki described him; friendly, fun and reliable. (The only thing she didn't tell me was how much he enjoys 'helping' when I'm working in the pasture.) If I ever decide to add to my herd I'll go right back to Nikki. She is honest, professional and knowledgeable; and truly has the best interests of both horse and owner as she works to find the perfect fit."

    - Kathy Schneider


    He does everything she told me he would- he is so wonderful...

    "Thank you so much for Mink! He has exceeded all my expectations! I feel truly blessed to have him after so many years of being horseless. I feel like I was waiting for him! Nikki is wonderful- open, honest- communication is constant and is always there- before and AFTER the purchase as well. He does everything she told me he would- he is so wonderful that there is another woman where I'm keeping him who is eventually looking to get another horse and she is coming to Nikki! If we add another horse to our family we will be back- definitely! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!"

    - Monica Knebes


    You can tell she really truly cares...

    "I recently bought a horse from Nikki. I just can't say enough good things about her. She was so honest, even steered me towards a less expensive horse to suit what I was looking for. You can tell she really truly cares about not just the horses, but also the people that are lucky enough to get one from her. If ever I'm looking for another horse, she will definitely be the first person I will seek out."

    - Stacy Simmons

    kip and toby

    I not only got the horses, but your insight and expertise as well...

    "I just want to finally take the time to say thank you! You have been so patient and helpful with me. After a not-so-good experience with my first go round at horse ownership (before meeting you), I was ready to throw in the towel forever. But as any horse lover knows, you just can't give up on the dream of owning a horse! To say that I was very cautious with finding my true "heart horse" would be a huge understatement. The second time around, I wanted to make certain I got it right. I looked for well over a year. And during that time, you and your daughter answered any and all questions, showed me multiple horses, and were extremely helpful. With all your guidance, I FINALLY ended up finding not one, but TWO handsome geldings, "Falcon", nka "Toby", and "Kip". They are exactly what I needed. Older, been there, done that, confidence building trail horses. I have fallen in love with both of them and am able to confidently share them with family and friends. Thank you for being willing to work with people that aren't seasoned horse owners. Not everyone does that anymore, and understandably so. But because of you, I am building my confidence back up and truly enjoying horse ownership! I can never thank you enough for all the help you have given me without any judgement at all. You have gone far above and beyond for me and have helped me really be prepared to be a responsible horse owner. Where most people would consider a deal "done" after selling a horse, you are always prompt to answer any questions I have, and to give guidance. When buying a horse from you, I not only got the horses, but your insight and expertise as well. You truly made buying my boys an amazing and comfortable experience. Thank you so much for making my dream come true!"

    - Sarah Blade


    Cash rides like the dream walker I was looking for...

    "So... Just wanted to give a shout out to Nikki as I bought a mare from her recently, she's everything she claimed & MORE!!! She's such an amazing horsewoman, even though she doesn't usually have gaited horses, she knew I was looking and recommended this mare for me. Thank you Nikki, I'm totally in love with her. Cash rides like the dream walker I was looking for!!!"

    - Brenda Jasper


    Thanks for selling us the horse you advertised...

    "We've had Kiowa a week now. She has been such a blessing to have around. She's easy to catch, easy saddle, stands quietly for mounting and dismounting. She gaits beautifully. Thanks for selling us the horse you advertised. That doesn't always happen. We would definitely feel comfortable getting another horse from Dun Dreamin in the future."

    - Chris


    Prompt in her replies and very honest in her dealings...

    "Doing business with Nikki was one of the most uncomplicated equine purchases I've ever been part of. I bought a beautiful leopard Appaloosa from her who was everything she represented him as, passed a PPE with no difficulty and has a sweet and sensible disposition to top it off. During the process, Nikki answered all my questions about him and was prompt in her replies and very honest in her dealings. I would be pleased to do business again with her down the road."

    captain jack

    He was everything she said he was and more...

    "I am the equine manager and a PATH international registered instructor at Dream Riders farm in Crystal Lake, IL. We are a 501c3, non-profit equine assisted activities and therapy program that provides services to special needs populations in northern Illinois. We contacted Nikki when we saw Captain Jack for purchase online. I was super impressed with her professionalism and honesty when we spoke on the phone. I drove up to see Captain Jack to check him out and he was everything she said he was and more. A very well mannered, sweet and desensitized gelding, perfect for our program! Thank you Nikki for the opportunity to give Captain jack his new forever home. We love him."

    - Traci Leigh/Dream Riders


    She spent a lot of time with us...

    "Finally someone you can trust! The horses we purchased from Nikki were truly quiet, well trained, well adjusted and healthy horses with no vices. She spent a lot of time with us before and after the purchase. She is extremely knowledgeable, forthcoming and nice person to deal with."

    - Doug and Karen

    frankie and relic

    From beginner to advanced rider, this is the person to go to...

    "As first time horse owners you could say that Mike and I had no idea what we were getting ourselves into. I had been leasing a horse for over a year and decided to take the jump into ownership. So I did some research and found Dun Dreamin Appaloosa Ranch. There was one horse there that I really wanted to look at. However, by the time we got there, that horse had already been sold. But Nikki said there was another one who was more for a beginner owner. Low and behold I met Relic (who is now Mr. Bojangles). Nikki took the time with me and answered all of my questions and said to call her day or night if I needed anything.

    I think my husband was feeling left out and now he wanted to purchase a horse and granted he had not been on a horse in years. The first place we call is Dun Dreamin Appaloosa. Nikki said to come up and meet Frankie. Nikki took the time to show Mike how to do everything including saddle, hoofs, headstall, backing up, riding, trot etc. I think we were there for over 3 hours. Nikki has the patience of a saint!

    So we are now owners of 2 horses. When it comes to horsemanship, Nikki is the first person I call. She takes the time to answer all of my questions no matter how 'dumb' they are. She follows up with the owners to see how things are going, she is supportive and truly cares about how the horses are adjusting to their new home.

    I would recommend Dun Dreamin Appaloosa to anyone. From beginner to advanced rider, this is the person to go to. Mike and I are so happy with our boys!!"

    - Karen M. Bultman

    Appleton, WI


    I thank God every day for sending her my way...

    "I am so grateful to have been blessed with this awesome horse when I needed to get my confidence back after my accident. I thank God every day for sending her my way and thanks to Nikki Huiting for trusting me with her. Tazer has a forever home with me.....NBHA Senior 1D Champion....I am so proud of her."


    She keeps in contact with me...

    "I bought Sailor from Nikki Huiting. She answered all my questions about Sailor. Nikki was very respectful. I went to go see Sailor and Nikki showed me all the things getting Sailor saddled and riding him. She keeps in contact with me to see how we are doing. Thanks Nikki Huiting for Sailor I love him."

    - Barb Stadtmueller


    I loved Nikki's honesty...

    "I was looking for the perfect horse for my timid eight year old daughter. Nikki had a few different geldings that fit the bill. She was very detailed and honest about the specifics of what she had for sale. It took some time to find the perfect fit but she did. When we met Dexter we knew he was the one. I loved Nikki's honesty and enjoyed working with her and her daughter. If we're ever in the market again Nikki will be the first call we make!!"


    Thank you I love him...

    "Hey Nikki. Just wanted you to know Simba (Ted) is doing great. I did end up moving him to a boarding stable a couple months ago, he really didn't settle into living alone well at all but he's happy now. Also it's just nice to be able to ride and get to know him all winter using the indoor. Hope you enjoyed your holiday. Thank you I love him."


    Harley has done everything he's been asked to do...

    "Dear Nikki, I want to let you know how Harley and I are doing. We took a trip to the horse arena for winter riding. HARLEY was amazing. It was obvious the arena environment was a totally new experience for him. He unloaded with ease. We saddled and lunged for a while. His ears and eyes were studying everything. As we rode around the arena he relaxed and enjoyed himself. After a couple of hours, we brushed our horses down, he loaded with ease. You need to know that Harley has done everything he's been asked to do. He likes to please. His ground manners are exceptional. His previous training reflects his good patience and confidence. Since I am new to riding he has taken good care of me. My friend who is a trainer says Harley is "wonderful". Every body who comes to our farm just loves him. They say he is just a ham. Thank you for all your help and support. Best Regards Peter Bingham Randall Mn"

    Best Regards,


    Randall, Minnesota


    It is true "good horses go fast"...

    "I am sending this note With gratitude for you Nikki ...It's been over one month since you matched me with Samuel, I am smitten. I am fortunate to have found you and trusted you to describe him accurately. I have been on many rough hilly trails with Samuel this last month. The first week the group we were riding with was very surprised upon hearing that it was only our second ride together. All the trails were new for Samuel with water crossings, soggy ground, mud, wooden bridges, wildlife, wind and he was the lead horse -confident and obviously we were comfortable with each other. My regular riding partner is a veterinarian with a sharp eye, hard to impress and she gives him high ratings. I'm 63 years old, and have many trail riding adventures ahead. I have already recommended Nikki to a lifelong family friend considering a horse as she would ride our trails and keep him/her at our farm. My herd of 6 is aged and if there was ever again a time that we needed a sound, safe, lovely horse I would go to Dun Dreamin web site without hesitation. I had no regrets putting a deposit down site unseen as it is true "good horses go fast". Thankyou again Nikki for repurposing so many solid honest horses with good people. I am grateful to you and your horse skills and life's work!"

    - Cheryl Mutschler


    Clay is absolutely what was presented...

    "I came across Nikki on the Equinenow website when I was looking at horses. She had posted a beautiful Blue Roan Paint gelding and his description fit perfectly with what I was looking for. An ideal husband horse... well trained in natural horsemanship, calm, big and strong, and flashy. I spoke with Nikki and explained what type of horses I have, what I was looking for etc. I was 99% sure on this guy, but have never purchased a horse sight unseen and was super nervous about the idea. On the other hand a several hour drive (each way) didn't seem like it would be convenient and I wasn't going to be able to do it immediately. Still, not knowing Nikki and not meeting the horse I planned to put down a deposit and make the trek. Nikki not only did not pressure me to move forward without meeting Clay, she told me if I was concerned at all to definitely meet him first. I had told Nikki I needed a transport to get him to me when I did buy him and she mentioned a couple options including one that would be available sooner than I could get down to meet him. I decided since I had seen a ton of pictures and a long video as well as checked out Nikki's website and reviews I would move forward. The transport turned out to be a wonderful experience and also very reasonably priced. I am glad I trusted Nikki and went with my gut. Clay is absolutely what was presented on Equinenow and Nikki's website and we are so happy to have him. He is amazing! Although I am not the type of person to buy a horse without seeing it in person first, I would buy again from Nikki (too bad I have too many already and probably won't be adding to the herd anytime soon). Along with selling me an awesome horse, Nikki has been super available, dependable, and patient answering any and all questions I have from feed to saddles. She made the experience smooth and fun! I'd refer friends and family to her in a heartbeat. I'm glad I took the leap and moved forward with Clay, he is what was presented and more! If you are looking for a nice healthy horse to love, Nikki is the lady to help you find him/her! Thanks for everything Nikki!"

    - Francy Jenko


    Luck as pure as friendship...

    "As I sold my horse, I was looking for a horse to help heal the scars that were so easily formed. I took Rolo under my wing as soon as I saw him. I wanted to meet him so badly. He is such a great horse. He's everything and more. He's quiet, and very well mannered. With him, I think I can have the ability to take on new challenges. He fits with my personality, and he's already that amazing. Let's make this memorable!"

    - Alexus Wold

    Thank you for getting together 2 new best friends-- Lex n' Rolo

    "A HUGE thank you to Nikki, at Dun Dreamin' Appaloosa Ranch-- Your horses are amazing- just like YOU!"




    He has been the horse I had been looking for in a beginner horse...

    "Hershey has become the kids' buddy. He takes care of them when they are in the saddle and they even do all the cares on him even his feet. He has been the horse I had been looking for in a beginner horse to let them gain confidence and learn. He is everything you said he was and so much more as he is our family now."

    - Donna Broeske


    We will always be thankful to Nikki...

    "I was looking for a gentle gelding for trail riding and was referred to Nikki by quite a few people on Wisconsin Horses. Max arrived and was exactly what we were looking for. He is well-behaved with zero vices. He is a very gentle and bomb-proof horse! We will always be thankful to Nikki for finding us such a great forever horse."


    We purchased many horses through the years here...

    "Wanted to share our experience purchasing horses here. We purchased many horses through the years here and when we unexpectedly lost my daughters ultra safe and steady gelding I asked Nikki to keep an eye out for a suitable horse for her. You see my daughter is young and fearless and can be over confident at times and it really is hard to find one that can do this job. I was very surprised how quickly she found us Maui! Maui has fit in to the family beautifully and has really proven to be a safe and kind animal who listens very well to her. He's everything she said he was and more we are very pleased!"

    - Katie Baars


    Nikki was very up front...

    "I am so happy with my purchase of Texan! He arrived at my farm in Michigan in excellent shape. He's been a complete gentleman in everything I've asked him to do so far. After looking for months elsewhere for my next trail horse, I decided to buy through Dun Dreamin Ranch because Nikki was very up front about his character and she was also quick to respond to my texts and email questions. It's clear Nikki takes the time to get to know the horses she sells. I would not hesitate to buy my next horse from her."

    - Brenda



    We are very happy with our purchase...

    "We bought an 8 year-old gelding from Nikki in August. I was really impressed with my phone contact initially and then when I got to meet her. We were looking for a good solid trail horse for my 14 year-old daughter. When we arrived at Nikkis's farm she made us feel welcome and saddled up three different horses for my daughter to try. During the test rides, Nikki and her daughter gave advise and we decided on a horse.

    We had Nikki deliver the horse to our home. She did not just drop the horse and run. They rode the horse on our property and then my daughter rode while Nikki stayed and gave advise. We are very happy with our purchase from Dun Dreamin Ranch."

    - Jim Wood

    Lake Tomahawk, WI


    She knows her business and will connect you with the horse best suited to you...

    "Although a somewhat experienced horse owner, I was away from horses for 7 years but eventually found myself back in the country and in need of an 'old fat lady's horse'. I contacted Nikki about Artie after a bad experience of misrepresentation on a horse I purchased from a private owner. I liked the description of Artie being a 'confidence builder'. He sounded like he might fit my criteria of being sane, sound, steady, able to ride alone down roads and trails, load, catch, ride off quietly after standing for long periods of time (Wisconsin winters) and a dose of friendliness would be a bonus.

    I spoke at length with Nikki's daughter Alex and after watching videos of Artie I knew I had to check him out. Nikki was away for the day so Alex showed me Artie. Now I'm a Quarter Horse girl so Artie's size and build suited me just fine. His white, speckled, lightening streaked coat and pink freckled eyes and nose made me smile. This boy had character! And a character he is!

    I decided to buy him that day. Alex and Nikki gave me a guarantee that I could return Artie for a different horse if he didn't work out. That's something you don't get from a private seller with no reputation or references and who will dump a a problem horse using unethical methods. Artie moved in and after riding almost every day for 3 weeks without incident I gave him pasture turnout for 5 weeks. He bonded with his mini companion and I left them be. He needed to pass my 'old fat lady test'. He had to ride off quietly after being idle for a long period of time and he had to show he wasn't going to be herd bound with his mini companion. I wanted no surprises after a long winter. Artie walked off down the road without a fuss about leaving his pal. He comes up from the pasture when I call his name and he does everything I had on my 'old fat lady's list'!

    I'm so happy I found Nikki's ad. I appreciate her professionalism, knowledge and respect for her horses and her integrity and honesty dealing with her customers. Anyone looking to purchase an honest horse needs to contact Nikki. She knows her business and will connect you with the horse best suited to your ability and your needs.

    Thanks again Nikki and Alex! Luv luv luv Artie!"


    I can't even describe how much we love this horse...

    "I could not have dreamed up a more perfect first horse for our family. Tonka is everything and more that Nikki told me she'd be! As a first time horse buyer Nikki never made me feel like I was asking an irrelevant or dumb question. After our first phone conversation I was almost positive Tonka would be coming to live with us. Nikki proved to be personable, professional and extremely helpful.

    Hauling was set up and Nikki was very generous with our timeline, as we weren't quite 'horse ready'. When we decide we are ready for a pasture mate for Tonka, Nikki will be the first person I contact! I can't even describe how much we love this horse and how grateful we are to have come across Dun Dreamin Ranch!"


    Nikki's trail evaluation tests and whatever training regimen she uses, works...

    "Even though I've been riding for most of my life in some form or another, I really needed a low-key trail buddy. My work requires frequent travel so unfortunately I don't get to ride as often as I'd like either. I'd been struggling for 3 years trying to 'force' my previous mare into liking trail riding. That proved to be a frustrating and unfruitful let down. Some horses just don't like it. Against my initial intentions and hopes for keeping her for life, I luckily found a great dressage home where she's doing well.

    Then I found Duke online thru Nikki's daughter Alex. She was great with providing daily updates with pictures and videos of him until I could meet him. To my surprise, Nikki's horses are as advertised! I got him vet checked and home safely.

    He is the even-keel, friendly, trail buddy I've been hoping for. He hasn't put up a fuss about much. Deworming, trailering, stalling, teeth floating, etc has all gone great. He was a little surprised by getting hosed off at first, but I figure it'd been a while and he settled pretty quickly.

    I've been able to trust him to give beginner friends rides too. I've really tried to take things slowly with him so we can bond and he can trust me. I know that since I can't ride 4 times a week, that it's even more crucial to gain his trust - horses aren't machines after all.

    Regardless of that, I believe Nikki's trail evaluation tests and whatever training regimen she uses, works. She seems to have a good sense for them and lucky for us, she has been doing it long enough to be picky for her customers.

    Thanks Nikki!"

    - Nicki (the busy traveler), and Duke (her trusty steed)


    Thank you for all the extra time you spent with us...

    "Hi Nikki,

    I just wanted to thank you once again for your help and guidance in the purchase of Pal, now named Toby, the gentle Palomino Quarter Horse gelding now residing on our farm. Having just put down our 29 yr. old 'go to' gelding who spent 20 years with us, it was important for us to find a horse that would work for my family and friends to ride as well as our young grandchildren and it looks like Toby will be the one to join up with our other gelding for trail rides! Toby was great on my first solo ride with him and he follows me around like a puppy dog. What a sweetheart! You were also so kind with the timing of bringing Toby home and I truly appreciate that as well as having Toby ready to go too, (trim, shots, dental, etc.). That was super! So thank you for all the extra time you spent with us as well as all your effort in offering to us a kind, friendly and safe horse that will have a forever home. We all look forward to our time together with him and the new adventures to come!"

    - Cindy Tobin


    With Nikki, I'd do it again...

    "My daughter and I just bought a new horse and it was the most incredible experience. Thank you Nikki Schwaller Huiting!

    We saw an ad for this 7 year old horse, called Nikki, introduced myself and learned all about 'my new horse.' One week later, we went to pick him up and bring him home. He is everything that Nikki said he was and more. We appreciated Nikki's knowledge, honesty and matchmaking! Our new horse has fit in beautifully with our other 3 horses.

    This was a first for me, buying a horse over the phone...with Nikki, I'd do it again!"

    - Helen and Hannah

    Uncanny talent for reading people and horses...

    "After taking care of family members of all age groups I arrived at a point in my life it's time to take care of my own needs.

    Having a horse was every girls childhood dream and this was one goal I knew I could reach but only with the help of other people.

    Nikki was one of those people. She has an uncanny talent for reading people and horses and introducing them together.

    After looking around I picked up my boy a 14hh gaited horse which she recommended due to spine issues I had. He's fun and riding him is easy.

    I just love it when he recognizes me from the pasture and comes to me.

    I found a wonderful trainer named Molly and I'm now living my dream. Maybe you can too!"

    - Rhinelander, WI

    We are very happy with both horses...

    "Hi Nikki. Just thought I would let you know how things are going with our two horses we bought from you. We bought Stallone now named Maverick and Shamrock now named Harley from you a year ago the end of March 2017. My husband and I just Love them both!!! Maverick is my horse and we are bonding very well. Because both my husband were {still} new riders and not teenagers any more it's taking us a little longer to be good riders. We also are boarding them and taking lessons at the same place. Jackie is really a good teacher. We have learned alot from her.

    Thank You for selling these 2 wonderful horses to us! We are very happy with them."

    - Sally and Al Peterson


    Rare find!!!!

    "I began my journey to become a horse owner rather randomly. Green as could be without the slightest clue what I was doing. Fortunately for me, amongst all my web searches one name and one horse kept popping up. 'What the heck, I'm going to give her a call.' The horse I was interested in was beautiful but Nicki was very honest with me telling me he really would benefit from a more advanced rider.

    I thought, hmmm, what person turns down an easy sale? Someone that's honest and has her horses and clientele's best interest at heart.

    A week later she had had several ppl look at "my" horse including a novice such as myself... and he rode beautifully.

    Nicki called me and sent videos of him riding through snow, on brush filled snowy trails, down fire lanes, ect...

    Long story short. I went to see him and fell in love. Nicki spent at least an hour with us showing me how to saddle, groom and some of her natural horseman training techniques. I learned more in that hour than the endless hours of YouTube videos I had watched.

    We ended up purchasing Azul from Nicki. If you want an honest person that is knowledgeable and loves horses, look no further!! She goes the extra mile or three (in our case) to make sure it's a good fit. Even helped me find tack AND a trailer!!"

    - Rejaunne Kubik

    whiskey boogie rogue

    She was helpful whether I was buying or selling...

    "When I lost three homegrown fillies to botulism after an undereducated decision, I was devastated and seeking a horse to fill the void. Nikki and I knew each other at the time, but were not super close. She sent me pictures of a horse she was getting in thinking this mare might intrigue me. Whiskey was as close to a replacement of my favorite mare as one could expect. I couldn't wait to bring her home!

    In time, Nikki and I developed a better friendship and I needed a replacement horse for my dad's gelding. She found me Boogie and my dad truly liked him, what a huge blessing!

    I'm not a fan of palominos or running lines, but Nikki brought me a young Dash For Cash bred palomino mare to start undersaddle and put on barrels and poles. The mare was anything but happy to see me every day, but together we accomplished so much and she turned out wonderfully. Eventually Nikki gave me the opportunity to own her, and I was the proudest palomino owner you ever did see!

    Fast forward to life happening, marriage, kids and being married to my job, when I had to cut back on my herd and was too pregnant to sell my own horses, Nikki helped me out there as well. Whether I have a craving to buy one, or need to sell one, Nikki is always helpful.

    Thank you Nikki for filling the void in my heart, even the void for the palomino horse I never knew I wanted."

    - Serenity

    12 horses

    She is always the one I go to...

    "I work at a ranch with a herd of 30+ trail horses. I've known Nikki for years and she is always the one I go to when searching for new horses. She works with us to make sure the new horses fit in here, as it is a very difficult situtation for some horses to adjust to. We require quiet, good minded horses that are not spooky and 100% safe for a multitude of riders.

    We have added 22 horses to our herd since I've been at the barn, and 12 of them have been from Dun Dreamin Ranch. When one gelding just couldn't adjust to our barn after a year of trying, she gave us two of her personal horses who needed to retire and found the perfect home for our gelding, who was really a phenomenal horse that just needed one person to bond with.

    I can't thank Nikki enough for standing by her horses, trying to find us the right matches, and never questioning me when I say, I know this horse is perfectly nice, but he's just not right for us. So thank you Nikki and Alex at Dun Dreamin Ranch for keeping our barn supplied full of good dependable trail horses."


    Patient and kind...

    "I would recommend working with Nikki above anyone else. Our daughter was born with a love of horses and that love came from no where in our immediate family so we were completely clueless as to where to start when it became time to move past just lessons for our daughter. I got a good feeling from Nikki right away. I was drawn to her amongst a group of hundreds of sellers and after months of looking. Without a doubt, she was our families special gift to help us on our quest to find the perfect fit for our little horse lover. We had an almost 4 hour drive to meet her so you are putting a whole lot of trust in someone's word at that point.

    She did not disappoint. Nikki has been honest and loyal to us in our journey to find our baby girl a perfect fit. We are a family that has probably required more patience than normal as we were newbies in every sense of the word. She is not just another salesperson trying to make money, she is a woman of integrity that stands behind her word. She is a rare find these days, she doesn't just take your check and run, she sees it through. I was able to be transparent with her about our needs without fear of judgment or annoyance and I would never hesitate to come to Nikki for future requests nor would I hesitate sending anyone else her way. You will not be disappointed. Her knowledge has been a gift to us."

    - Katie Freimark

    rocket man

    Honesty, a Refreshing Change...

    "I have been around horses my whole life and knew exactly what I wanted in my next horse. I read descriptions of horses for sale on various horse sites. Saw several that sounded great, but the description never matched reality. I was about ready to give up when I started to pay more attention to Nikki Huiting's horses. I was skeptical at first as her horses seemed too good to be true, so didn't immediately jump at one that interested me, in part because she was over 3 hours away and in part because of previous disappointments. After looking at Nikki's facebook page and reading the testimonials, I decided to text her and open a dialog. I explained what I was looking for and asked about a horse she had advertised. Unfortunately he had been sold that day, I was disappointed. Nikki and I talked on the phone and she said if I was patient she could find the horse I wanted. About 2 weeks later I received a call from Nikki telling me she had a horse she thought may be perfect. She sent me pictures, copies of his papers and videos of him while she rode him on the trail. In fact she sent me so many snap videos I had no doubt he was perfect for me. I drove up to her Ranch to meet Rocket Man and everything felt right. Nikki was so honest and upfront about what Rocket Man was about and where he came from. She was very clear about what his capabilities were and asked me questions to make sure we were well matched. I bought him that same day. She explained the shipping costs and we set a delivery date.

    I've had Rocket about 6 weeks now. He has found his nitch among my other horses and acts like he has been here forever. He's gentle, likes being around people and is well mannered. I have ridden him many times already and he is everything I wanted. Nikki was absolutely correct about Rocket Man's personality and what I could expect from him. She has followed up with me several times since he came here and told me to call or text her anytime should I have questions. Nikki was so easy to work with. The first time we met face to face, I felt I had known her forever and it was apparent from the start she had a vast knowledge of horses. If you want the horse of your dreams, contact Nikki Huiting. You will not regret it. She is awesome!"

    - Vicki


    Thanks again for helping us find him...

    "Hi Nikki, I'm not sure if you remember me, but I just recently came across your number again, and I wanted to let you know that Simpson has entirely settled into his forever home and his job as a therapy horse. I thought you might like to know that a variety of riders really bond with him, including kids who have been bullied, veterans with ptsd, a child w spinabifida, and a girl with autism. Just thought I'd give you an update on him and let you know he's really loved. So thanks again for helping us find him and thanks for being patient as he got to know us here."

    - Heaven's Gait Ranch

    Cedar Grove, WI


    Truly accurate description of the horse...

    "Nikki is the most honest person I have ever encountered in making the decision to purchase a horse. I have owned and raised my own horses and have dealt with a lot of different horse people. Her ad was a truly accurate description of the horse I was interested in. Nikki was very receptive to answering any and all questions. She took the time to send pictures and videos beyond what she had posted on her ad to show that her ad was accurate and honest.

    I had my horse shipped and Nikki had a quote for me in less than an hour from MJK Transport. They have a top quality working relationship and I was kept informed with text and photo the whole time. Nikki is truly passionate not only about the horse she is selling but also about making sure the buyer is right for the horse. Nikki truly cares about horses and people. I would not hesitate to buy from her again. Very appreciative to Nikki and to have found Moses. Thank you!!!"

    - Peggy Anderson


    Breath of fresh air!!!

    "I must say how wonderful it was and has been to deal with Nikki! She is an amazing person, I don't say that lightly! Never once has she lied to me or miss represented her horses in any way! I was looking for a nice quiet little trail horse and she just so happened to have my baby Nomi! After answering all of her questions, and there were a ton of them LOL which I truly appreciated each and every one of them! Any way we came to an agreement where I would send her 2 horses, I offered them both, in exchange for this wonderful little mare. She took such care and understanding knowing how hard this has been for me, I really appreciated her kind words and she has kept me UTD on where my 2 babies went.

    Nomi has a forever home with me and I will say this; next time I go looking for a horse I will definitely start with Nikki! If you have any reservations about her or her horses just ask her! Shoot, ask me!! LOL Even though we never got to meet in person, we talk almost everyday! She always asks how Nomi is doing! Nikki doesn't just sell you a horse and then sign off. She stays in touch with you! I love that!! Thank you so much Nikki for the time that you put into these wonderful animals! Hope someday we can ride together!"

    - Lana Bartolomucci

    fleet fleet

    Reliable and honest...

    "I was looking for a nice well broke trusting gaited trail horse and I came across Nikki's ad. She answered back and we made arrangements to meet. Nikki greeted my husband and I and we felt very welcomed. My 1st impression was how nice everything was maintained, and her dogs and horses all looked well cared for.

    She took lots of time with us and answered all our questions. She gave me the time I needed to ride and learn about the horse, and actually getting out on some trails. It was a hard decision for me and I didn't want to rush without thinking it over. Nikki was very patient and I was quite impressed.

    The next few days she sent some videos of how well the horse behaves around other horses, again I was impressed and ended up coming back. Although 3 hours was more of a trip! I was glad for the second time and again Nikki was very honest and enjoyable to be with. I never felt pressured.

    Nikki could see I connected with the horse and she knew we were a match before I did. We left again, and she was very polite and considerate.

    The next few days she answered more questions and sent more videos and I couldn't stop thinking about this horse! I was impressed to see it was not just the sale, but Nikki really cared about the horse and how it is compatible with the rider. Needless to say we went back again to buy him and bring him home!

    All I can say is Nikki is very patient and can really connect with people. She even follows up on progress after the sale! It's a delight to know her! I would highly recommend Nikki to someone who is serious about finding a good horse to match the rider. Thank you Nikki!"

    - Jill


    Very responsive to my text messages and even sent me additional videos...

    "I recently bought a horse named 'Cruz' from Nikki. I was initially reluctant to drive all the way from Minneapolis to see what she had for sale. I was hoping to find something closer to home but the 6 hour drive was well worth it.

    The first thing I noticed when I went to her website was the details she provided for each horse she had for sale. She explained in full their qualities and their experience. She then backed this up with a video of each horse. I felt I had a lot of information about the horses before I made a visit.

    Nikki was very responsive to my text messages and even sent me additional videos. The horse I bought was everything Nikki said he was. She was very helpful in arranging for a pre purchase vet check and arranging hauling to Minnesota.

    I am very satisfied with her professionalism and have recommended her to my brother who is looking for another horse."

    - Neil Determan

    Honest, has Integrity, and listens to what you are looking for...

    "I was preparing for my retirement. Looking for a trail riding partner so I could join my wife trail riding again.

    We looked around the Upper Peninsula without much luck. We then took to the internet, my wife's idea not mine, We discovered Dun Dreamin Appaloosa Ranch and Nikki.

    We reached out to Nikki explained what we were looking for. I wanted to meet this person and look her in the eye, not just fall for all these wonderful things written about Nikki and her ability to match rider with horse ??.

    Well she is everything people speak about in their testimonials. Honest, has Integrity, and listens to what you are looking for. We where fortunate that Count (Teddy) and I where a fit.

    He is an awesome willing horse who is just what an old Urban Cowboy ?? could ask for, Dependable and sound. We are looking forward to many happy miles on the trails together."


    Yooper Dave


    I wasn't looking for an Appaloosa...

    "In my search for a trail riding partner, an Appaloosa named 'Zinger' came up in my search. I wasn't looking for an Appaloosa, I was more of a Quarter Horse or Paint horse owner, but I have a few friends that own an Appy and they are nice trail riding buddies. So, when Zinger's ad came up and I read about him and and other horses through Nikki's business, I felt I had to check into him and her.

    I spoke to Nikki a few times about Zinger and if she wasn't available, she always promptly returned my call or email. I found Nikki loves working with horses and finding them the right home, as well as finding the prospective buyer the right horse. She answered every question I had without fail. When we went for my first 'meet and greet' she was very professional. I felt a connection with Zinger and felt an open honesty about Nikki. I ended up purchasing Zinger and am very happy I did. He is as good of a horse as Nikki described and I am pleased I found her. We drove about three hours to meet her, but it was well worth it. I would recommend Nikki to you if you are looking for a good, solid horse and a well-informed horsewoman."

    - Mary Ann Mynsberge


    The most reliable dependable horse we own...

    "We were looking for a horse for my son and she had the perfect match for him. A stocky little BLM Mustang we call Magic. That horse will go anywhere you point her. She's the most reliable dependable horse we own. It's been a pleasure owning her."

    - Katie Baars


    It was an easy choice to go back...

    "Nikki Schwaller Huiting is 2 for 2 for me. I got Mac my first horse from her in December and it was an easy choice to go back this April for Nash. Nikki is great to deal with, answers any and all questions and you can tell she really truly cares. Thanks Nikki!!"


    We told her what we were looking for & we found it...

    "We were looking for a horse for a very timid 10 year old rider. We asked tons of questions and Nikki answered them all. We told her what we were looking for and we found it in a horse named Buddy. He is the sweetest mild mannered boy. My nephew loves him. He is a great addition to our family. Nikki has even helped us with the sale of one of our horses so we could make room for Buddy. Very pleased with Nikki, thank you for helping us find Buddy."

    - Jennifer


    Once I found you, it was stress free...

    "Hi Nikki! I wanted to send a quick "thank you" for helping me with the purchase of my first horse. You made the process SO EASY, and here is why:

    I had started looking for my horse, knowing that I would lean on my trainer to help evaluate the correct temperament for me. After I started looking, I found many people described the horse's temperament in the ad posted very differently once they knew I was going to have a trainer with me to evaluate. The few times I found the horse's temperament/skill to match what was described there just wasn't a connection. I was getting frustrated. During the search I had my eye on a couple horses on Nikki's website. I had emailed about them, but as I continued to ask questions and try to get schedules together for my trainer and I to make the trip to Dun Dreaming, they sold. I was, again, feeling a bit frustrated and actually text Nikki something like "I do see you have quite the reputation, but it would be crazy to buy a horse without meeting it first, right?" She understood my concerns completely, but did confirm that her reputation has been built such that people buy from her sight unseen often, which you will find out when you try to nab one of her horses! I continued to watch and found another I was interested in. She was honest in that she hadn't evaluated his trail readiness (was more of an arena horse) so he wouldn't be a good fit at the moment. I was patient and as she worked with him, she was able to give me a thorough evaluation of his temperament and skills (which included trails!). Since he sounded too good to be true, I went and rode him immediately, knowing that if everything fit (surely it wouldn't) I could always put a deposit to hold him until my trainer could confirm his evaluation.

    When I showed up, I saw that the place was meticulously cared for. Nikki's horses and dogs were all well cared for and happy. Her 14 year old niece was there riding and helping out too. I rode him after they both did and loved him. He is EXACTLY as described. Furthermore, Nikki has continued to be as responsive to any questions or updates I have after the sale. She really loves her animals and matching them with good homes.

    Scheduling his delivery to the barn an hour away was easy and affordable. Her husband, who hauled him, was friendly and great with the horse as well.

    I guess this "thank you" wasn't so quick, but maybe this will help someone in the same position as I was in. Trying to schedule between my trainer, myself and a seller and dragging my trainer all over the state was stressful, usually disappointing and expensive. Once I found you, it was stress free. I really just waited for an evaluation to come up that was a great fit and jumped on it. When I buy my second horse a few years from now, you will be the first person I contact. So, thanks a ton! and sorry for the novel;)"

    - Tera


    Just leave the looking to Nikki...

    "I have just gotten back into having a horse again, and I wanted something that was quiet and kid safe, so that my Grandchildren could learn to ride. I found Nikki's web page and would watch it almost daily, and was amazed with what I saw in the video's that she would have on the horses she was selling. I saw a few horses that I thought I would be interested in, so when I got up to Amberg, I stopped in and talked with Nikki. I told her what I was looking for and she asked me if I knew anything about horses. She told me that all the horses had been sold already, but that more would be coming in the next few days, Nikki kept in contact with me, sending me up dates and pictures and videos of any prospects. She is very honest and knowledgeable and I trusted that she would find me the perfect horse.

    After trusting her opinion and recommendations on what horse best fit my needs and wants, she found me ZERO, the perfect horse. He is just what I was looking for and I could not be happier. Nikki helped me from having to go looking at horses that would not have worked out. 'Just leave the looking to Nikki'. She'll find the perfect horse that you are looking for! Nikki, was very patient and took the time to answer all my question and concerns. Thanks for everything!!! I've already told several people about her. Nikki, is not going to sell you a horse just to make a sale, she truly cares about the horses and spends the time working with each horse and evaluates them, before she sells them. I would definitely recommend Nikki, for all my buying and selling needs. She will make the best fit for both horse and rider."

    - Elaine Neuhaus


    Give Dun Dreamin' a try, you won't be sorry...

    "I found Dun Dreamin' Ranch while I was looking for my first horse. We went up and looked at the horses and met Nikki and her daughter Alex. So impressed with how knowledgeable and kind they both are. Both to their horses and Newbies like myself. I asked a ton of questions and they always answered me and didn't seem to be bothered. I bought Angel from Nikki and I truly love her! She and I have bonded and I honestly could not be happier! Nikki knew I needed a calm horse and Angel is perfect for me! I would tell any one who is looking to give Dun Dreamin' a try, you won't be sorry! It was a 5 hour drive for us, but if you get the right horse it is well worth it! Thanks again Nikki!"

    - Bernita Roth


    Working with her was straightforward, honest and simple...

    "I recently bought an 11 year old APHA gelding from Nikki. I've ridden for years, mostly enjoy trails but also do low level eventing & dressage, I've had horses since I was a teen. I broke all the "horse buying" rules however,& bought a horse without seeing it in person or trying it out myself. I only went by Nikki's many photos, videos & her word because I was living to far away to do it myself.

    She represents exactly what she says- she answers all questions honestly & the horse proved to be exactly as she said. She evaluates her horses herself, gets them out & about & handles them herself so she gives a clear picture of what she has. Guinness has proved to be everything his ad described. Nikki also kept him for a small very reasonable fee until he could be hauled to our farm, which she also arranged for us. Working with her was straightforward, honest & simple. I wouldn't hesitate recommending her for anyone looking for a safe, sound, family friendly addition."

    - Leslie


    She is genuinely interested in the welfare of the horses...

    "I bought a QH gelding from Nikki at Dun Dreamin' Appaloosa Ranch in March, 2017. Her barn is located almost 5 hours from where I live so traveling that distance was somewhat prohibitive. I had read the positive testimonials on her site and found Nikki to be very trustworthy (honest) and conscientious regarding the horse in whom I was interested. She patiently answered my questions and sent many photos and video clips. Nikki rode him daily, even in some very cold temperatures, in order to make sure that he was tuned up to both her and my satisfaction. Through her contacts, we were able to conveniently arrange a pre-purchase exam and delivery.

    I am very pleased with my new gelding and hope to spend many hours on the trails with him! And, I intend to keep in touch with Nikki to provide periodic updates. She is genuinely interested in the welfare of the horses that she advertises and subsequently sells."

    - Peg Woodstock, IL

    mindy and reagan

    Our family got two great horses from Nikki...

    "We got two wonderful horses named Reagan and Mindy from Nikki. Earlier this year we had an unexpected pasture accident which required us to put down my daughter's pony. This left us with a solo horse in the pasture and she started to show heavy personality changes in the weeks that followed. We began searching for a new horse/pasture mate almost right away, but had several criteria for what we needed in a new horse. I wanted a short horse (under 15 hands), ability to put newer riders on the horse, not too old, and of course in a budget. Mix this all in the month of March and quickly I was not finding options I could be confident in. This forced us to expend our searching radius and we found Nikki who was advertising 3 horses that looked like correct fits for us. The first horse came off the list just because he looked too much like the last one. I was concerned with the fact Nikki was over a 6 hour trip one way so delayed reaching out as well closer would be easier. Finally, I reached out to ask questions and talk about what we were looking for and needed. Nikki responded quickly and expressed why her horses would be ok in handling the new changes. At this point, I decided if we were going 6 hours I would get 2 horses since a new horse had been being considered for summer. Nikki worked with us on finding a pick up time that could work so we could get home before dark and get introductions to the pasture and our other horse. She did ask about our trailer ahead of time and did mention that they were not fully used to a small 2 horse but they did have a little practice. I expected a little trouble loading, but these two walked right in. They traveled back wonderfully and of course took a little settling after a 7.5 hour trip home with a break. Our other horse, quickly wanted to meet them and after a few stressful minutes they worked out an arrangement. By the next morning, they seemed to be comfortable with each other. Nikki followed up with us on home they were adjusting and how things were going. The next day, we got a snow storm and the horses got to meet there box stalls. Nikki had warned me they were not used to this so after trying to guess the best stalling arrangements without moving the existing mare – they settled after about an hour. The next day stalling arrangements were changed and all the stress went away for them. Now they all love the barn! They are calm in the pasture as described but could they be ridden and handled separated as promised.

    After 2 days of getting them used to new things, I pulled Reagan in alone. I got her for my daughter. We had some stress which was to be expected but by the second day, she was calm and happy to come in. I rode her and she handled fine. We then moved up to letting my daughter ride her. She behaved well and was happy to be in the riding ring by herself. She even ignored the other two horses watching and occasionally calling out.

    Mindy the other horse we got from Nikki was for my wife. She got her turn to be by herself. Her pattern was similar to that of Reagan's. My wife rode her first, and I took her out the next day bareback. Mindy also got serious for riding and did not complain about the other two horses watching and calling out.

    I had been concerned about traffic as our pastures are by a busy road. Riding a new horse first time it is great to notice all the Motorcycles, dump trucks, and cars going by. Even the family on bicycles passing down the road. Both horses, take this calmly and I did not need to worry about them spooking. In the pasture they lay down and take all that traffic in.

    Our family got two great horses from Nikki and it was well worth the long trip."

    - Shane Austvold

    Rogers, MN

    Thank you Nikki for finding me the horse of my dreams...

    "I had been in search of the 'Perfect Horse' for the last two years after the loss of 'Chief' my Buckskin Gelding that I had rode as my main horse for 17 years. I was spoiled in the fact that Chief was 'perfect'. Everyone told me that I would never find another Horse like him. I was tired of buying horses that just weren't what I was looking for, I had a lot of bad experiences and was afraid to bond with another horse. Then I met Nikki, she not only found Montana my 'Perfect Horse' but also sold me a Mare named Tahoe and two Babies. Cammy and Cooper. Nikki is a perfect matchmaker. She is very honest and I trust that she will find the right horse for anyone looking for that special horse. I had to drive a long way to find her, but I will always turn to Nikki for any of my horse needs. She is very willing to share her knowledge. She is a great trainer and is truly concerned about her horses and her Buyers. Thank you Nikki for finding me the 'Horse of my Dreams' even though no one thought it was possible."

    - Deb Mosier


    I cannot describe how pleased I am with Rose...

    "Ever since then I was a little girl I had dreamed of getting another horse like the one my family used to own. After years of waiting and looking around, I stumbled across Rose's add on the web and discovered Dun' Dreamin' Appaloosa Ranch.

    After initially contacting Nikki about Rose it had been almost over a month until I could make the trip up to meet her. The day finally came to make the 2 hour drive up to Amberg. Meeting Rose for the first time was a great experience. As a first time buyer I was a little nervous about the whole thing. I came prepared with questions/concerns. I don't think I had to ask a single question- Nikki had answered everything without me even asking. Nikki's website was extremely informative and I knew what type of horse I would be meeting with the great descriptions and videos. She is very helpful and professional in her business. I felt very comfortable and at ease going through with my purchase with Nikki. She encouraged me to contact her if I ever needed any advice or had any questions. I was very pleased with the entire experience.

    I am so happy that I decided to follow my dreams of owning a horse again! I cannot describe how pleased I am with Rose! She is a wonderful horse and I am so glad that I was able to find her through Dun' Dreamin' Appaloosa Ranch! I would most certainly recommend Dun' Dreamin' to anyone who is looking to buy a horse!"

    Thank you,

    - Breanna Buerger

    Nikki isn't just a 'horse trader'...

    "If you're looking to buy a horse, I would very strongly suggest that you talk to Nikki at Dun Dreamin' Appaloosa Ranch. I had always wanted a horse ever since I was a little girl. After buying our dream home in the country and 'convincing' my husband that I needed a horse—I began my search. I am a very green rider, because of that I needed a horse that had been around the block—one that knew his stuff so he could essentially teach and help me while I learned the ropes. I looked around locally and never really found anything close to what I was looking for. I found an ad online for a horse that Nikki was selling, and I contacted her right away. However, the horse I saw online had just been sold. I told Nikki what I was looking for and to contact me if she had any horses in the future that might work out for me. It wasn't much longer when she told me that she thought that Mac might be a good match. I was told by many people to be wary—she's just a 'horse trader' she's going to tell you what you want to hear about the horse, just so she can sell it and move on to the next one. Though I was a little hesitant (but very excited) we made the four hour trip to meet Mac and Nikki. Immediately I found out that my fears were unfounded. Nikki isn't just a 'horse trader' you can literally tell that she pours her heart and soul into each and every one of these horses. And, after doing so, she pairs them with the right people. Nikki has answered so many of my questions, and has been extremely helpful. She sent me pictures between the time we met Mac and the time we picked him up, and she has followed up with me asking for updates. I am unbelievably happy with Mac, and my whole experience with Nikki. When I 'convince' my husband that he needs a horse too—I know EXACTLY who I'm going to contact.

    Thank you again from the bottom of my heart. You made this girl's lifelong dream come true!"

    - Julia Campbell

    Platteville, WI


    Glad I have him...

    "Blaze is a sweet dispositioned, willing, affectionate big boy. Glad I have him."

    - Betty Wolf-Rice


    Nikki knows her horses inside out...

    "Couldn't be happier with Boomer, our paint gelding we purchased from Nikki. My daughter is deaf and a very inexperienced rider. I explained to Nikki what we were looking for in a horse, safety. No need for anything fancy but as bomb proof on the trail as possible. Also my daughter loves to love on the horses so one that would enjoy that kind of attention would be best. Nikki had 3 potential candidates for us to choose from. She told us about each of them, their training level, temperament, etc. we rode two of them. Either one I would have been very comfortable with. My daughter fell in love with Boomer. He was a great choice. My daughter, who is profoundly deaf, is able to ride him with confidence on her own. He walks up to us in the pasture, gets along with our other horses, loves all the attention, and is the calmest horse I have ever met. Nikki knows her horses inside out. Tell her what you are looking for, and she will give her honest opinion if she has a horse that will fit your needs!"

    - Joy Snyder


    He was everything she said...

    "We are so happy with our Horse we purchased from Nikki. He was everything she said. He has been the perfect Horse for my husband to get started with. They have really bonded well together. Thanks Nikki for such a nice Horse."

    - Janine & Curt DeLuca

    From CA


    Thank you for everything...

    "I would like to thank Nikki and her family for their care, compassion, help, knowledge and love for horses. They helped us tremendously with making one of my daughter's dreams come true. The horse is gorgeous in good health and you can tell has been well taken care of. We love him and want to say Thank you for everything."

    - Kimberly


    If you are looking for a safe, no fuss kinda horse...

    "A huge thank you to Nikki Huiting, for the wonderful addition to our family. Denny has a huge personality, w/t/c to die for, goes through anything on the trails and is helping my mom on her way to being a confident rider. If you are looking for a safe, no fuss kinda horse Nikki Huiting is the one to go to. Thank you again for the new addition to our family."


    Nikki made my purchase an easy one and delivery was convenient...

    "After having a horse that challenged my confidence and pushed limits, I was on the search for the perfect match. Nikki reached out to me and asked me exactly what I was looking for. She sent me a picture of my new mustang, Silver. His description matched my request right down to his color. I've only owned Silver a few weeks but I can already see our bond forming. Nikki made my purchase an easy one and delivery was convenient. We are keeping her in mind for any future horse purchases. I can tell Nikki truly loves every horse she sells. I'm looking forward to the many years ahead with Silver... He's a horse that you can only imagine in your dreams. Thank you Nikki!"

    - AJ Jannsen

    She is always willing to answer any questions...

    "I would recommend purchasing a horse from Nikki Huiting in a heartbeat. I found her trustworthy and honest. She made the buying experience the best! And she is always willing to answer any questions and work with you. I love the little mare she sold me!"

    - Judy Young

    She was willing to put her time and knowledge to work on this for me...

    "What can I say about Nikki following thru for me when I could not get the mare I bought from her to load in my trailer. She came to my house within days to work on the loading problem. When she left after more than 3 hours the horse was loading and has been ever since. I am so glad she was willing to put her time and knowledge to work on this for me. Thank you Nikki. I will be able to enjoy the trails this year since I no longer ride alone from home and usually load up to go with friends. Happy trails."

    - Rose


    Honest and accurate representation of sale horses from the temperament to the height...

    "I purchased Arrow from Nikki last Winter, sight unseen. I saw him in an add and a video and liked him. I had no way of confirming that Arrow was the quiet and friendly gelding that he was represented as in his sales add. He was being sold as a trail horse with potential for more in the right hands. Nikki worked with me on the price and shipping to Georgia. She patiently answered my million questions and requests for pictures. She went above and beyond to make me comfortable with my purchase.

    The first week Arrow was home I took him out alone on a trail ride down the road. It was a 7 mile ride. He was absolutely wonderful. Now, I am working to transition him into the show ring. He is everything she said he was and so much more. I am very happy with my purchase from Nikki's farm and would recommend her to anyone who is looking for an honest and accurate representation of sale horses from the temperament to the height.

    My husband is now teaching our 3 yr old daughter to ride on Arrow. He is a wonderful, healthy, friendly, energetic and affectionate horse that has not been ruined by overtraining or 30 day work overs. We love our new horse and consider Nikki a true and sincere horsewoman and friend! We were very lucky to fall into her helpful hands!"

    - Monica Lane

    Omaha, GA


    You definitely have a knack for placing the right horse with the right buyer...

    "My whole family would like to say Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! We bought Secret our Buckskin Quarter horse mare from you at the end of January 2016. Truthfully we were not looking for a mare we were in search of a gelding. But fate stepped in when our sixteen-year-old Katie laid eyes on Secret for the first time. She fell in love with her; if you recall she didn't even want to ride any of your other horses.

    As we were trying to decide on a horse and being steered so many different directions; it was your statement that let me know we were making the right decision. I had mentioned how Katie had not felt a connection to the other horses we had looked at like she had Secret. You stated "I can ride most horses very well. But I do not bond with every one, and when I do it's the greatest feeling. You really feel like one. Even if your family does not end up with Secret, do not buy a horse you do not connect with. It's truly not the same, and Katie, your daughter will not get the full enjoyment out of owning a horse.

    Katie not only found a horse, but a true partner. Secret has the biggest heart; and is a diva at the stables. She has been a perfect addition to our family and we love her so much. Nikki, you definitely have a knack for placing the right horse with the right buyer. We can tell you love what you do; and it truly shows in the effort you put into training horses. We are incredibly thankful to have found you, and that you found our Secret! She is everything we were hoping for."


    The Fisher's

    Tony, Colleen, Jessy and Katie


    It was only my second time trying out a horse. However, the experiences were so different...

    "I purchased my very first horse, Bonanza, from Nikki earlier in 2015. I have absolutely no regrets. This horse is everything I could have wanted and more.

    Nikki gave me all of the details, and was very honest and informative. She was upfront about his cinching issue (that I have since worked out of him), and showed me an alternative way to cinch him up where he would give me no problems. Overall, she gave me a wonderful buying experience. I had only seen one other horse before going to Nikki. So it was only my second time trying out a horse. However, the experiences were so different. I feel like Nikki just did everything right, from giving me information on the horse to making it a comfortable atmosphere. She asks you what you're looking for and will try her best to set you up with a horse that will fit your desires. If she believes a horse isn't right for you, she will tell you. I took a four hour trip to get there, and it was absolutely worth it.

    I cannot thank Nikki enough for helping me find such a wonderful companion. Bonanza has quickly become my best friend and is quite possibly the greatest thing to happen to me in my lifetime. So, to anyone looking for a new horse, I highly recommend Nikki!"

    - Lily Stiles


    I am glad it was Nikki I was working with...

    "I purchased a horse sight unseen for my daughter from Nikki. Nikki sent numerous videos and responded to all my concerns. She coordinated out of state transportation for me and made sure to check up on him during his journey and upon delivery. I had some questions when the horse arrived and she was always prompt to answer, and to reach out to other resources when necessary. She continues to check in with me and ask for pictures and updates on how the horse and my daughter are getting on. They are getting along great. He is a nice, gentle, healthy horse, just as promised. Purchasing a horse sight unseen was a stressful venture, but, I am glad it was Nikki I was working with as she was fair, followed through, and truly wanted the best outcome for my daughter and her horse. I will definitely continue to stop by her website to browse horses next time I am in the market."

    - Erin Pribble


    I can't thank Nikki and her daughter enough...

    "I had been watching Nikki's for sale page for a few years, dreaming of the day I could buy a horse for my daughter. I had a mare I was boarding, but she was a little too much of a handful for my daughter to ride safely outside an arena. Recently we purchased our own place in the country, and I sent an email to Nikki, outlining exactly what we were looking for. My daughter is a good rider with a fair amount of experience, but had lost her confidence after a bad fall last summer. We were looking for a smaller horse that was traffic safe and easy to handle, but that had enough get up and go to do drill team and fun shows. So basically the perfect all-around horse, lol! I knew that my daughter would gain her confidence back after a time and wouldn't want a horse that was too "dead", but also needed a calm enough horse to help that process along.

    Nikki emailed me back that a friend of hers had a horse for sale that she thought would be a good fit. We went up and tried her and it was love at first ride! I found Nikki and her daughter both to be very knowledgeable, helpful, and honest. They are great horse people selling good solid horses. We brought China home a week later, and she settled in nicely, bonding with my mare in a few days time. My daughter Kylie has ridden her to friend's houses for sleepovers, practiced barrels in the pasture, and we have done miles of trails with her. She will go through practically anything on the trail and is very sure-footed. Recently we took her on an overnight camping trip at an organized trail ride and China did wonderfully, even with all the commotion. My daughter is forming such a bond with her she has even started trusting her enough to canter bare back! China has done so well on the trails we are thinking of conditioning her to do a LD endurance ride with my mare and I next year. I can't thank Nikki and her daughter enough for helping Kylie find a horse that is so perfect for her! It makes me so happy to see my daughter riding a horse that she loves!"

    - Nikki & Kylie B

    Seymour, WI


    She even helped me find a great place to board Chili close to home...

    "When I first got Chili I was super excited I haven't had a horse in so long I was scarred I'd mess her up. We ended up going through some bumps in our road, but currently we are going to join a mounted program to search for missing people. Nikki was great to work with and helped me when I asked she even helped me find a great place to board chili close to home!"

    - Allie Teetzen


    I fell in love with Nikki and her daughters the instant I met them...

    "I recently purchased 2 horses from Dun Dreamin Appaloosa Ranch and couldn't be happier. My husband and I are 61, so I was looking for safe, smart, healthy and sound trail partners. I also wanted kind and loving personalities. We had horses for almost 40 yrs and all have been more family then livestock.

    Major and Arrow are wonderful. They are quiet and level headed, they love attention, grooming, kisses and hand feeding by my grandkids. I fell in love with Nikki and her daughters the instant I met them and knew when I told her exactly what I was looking for in a horse I could trust her to help me find he perfect match for us and she did. She is friendly and honest and not at all pushy about making a sale. The horses she sells and owns are treated with kindness and respect. I would recommend her to anyone looking to buy a horse and I know I can count on her to help solve any problems I might have with my horses health or with my riding. She runs her business the way you wish everyone would."

    - Marcia Barkus

    Rhinelander, WI


    To the best Horse jockey I know...

    "I purchased Lakota (aka Dakota) in March of 2015 – Nikki is wonderful to talk with, she listens to what you are looking for, & matches you with a horse that will work best for you. I'm very happy with Dakota, he is such a good boy! Both Dakota & Nikki must have a lot a patience to put up with me! Dakota is everything I was looking for & wanted in a gelding & more. I will definitely buy again from Nikki & can only hope to find a cloned 'Dakota' in the future! Thanks Nikki!"

    - Trish Schmidt

    Merrill, WI


    I had such a good experience with her that we went back a week later to look at another horse...

    "I came across a post Nikki had on Facebook for beginner safe horses. I checked out her website read the testimonials and I was relieved knowing others had such a great experience with her. We have looked on sites in the past when I was looking for my equine partner. The world of horses can be frustrating, met alot of what we call 'crazy' horse people that will sell you anything. Not caring if the horse is a good fit or not.

    We saw a horse my husband was interested in, but he wasn't for sale just yet, so we watched and waited. Once we saw he was up for sale we contacted Nikki to go meet him. She was very nice & was very patient with me and all my questions. When we got there they brought him in so we could see him being tacked up, then her daughter Alex rode him in the arena and on the trails so we could watch how he did before getting on him. This to me was a HUGE deal! We have went to meet potential horses and the owner wouldn't get on them first, bad sign. Needless to say Rye was everything they advertised him to be! My husband put down a deposit until we picked him up. We were very excited to make him a member of the family. Nikki went over all his paper work and answered any questions we had before leaving. I had such a good experience with her that we went back a week later to look at another horse for myself. I told Nikki what I was looking for and she was able to fit me to a few horses but had one she really thought I'd like. Now being a first time mom I became a little nervous about being on a horse I didn't know. Once it was my turn to get on they asked if I wanted them to walk with me, I felt at ease by this. Once I was comfortable I went off on my own. I ended up buying a beautiful mare named Ricci (the one she thought would be perfect was just that) the experience was just a great as the first. Sweetest little thing.

    Needless to say we are both VERY happy with our decisions and would recommend her to ANYONE looking to find their equine companion. She knows her stuff and won't just sell you a horse to make a buck. We still stay in contact, how many people will do that after selling you a horse? Goes to show she has confidence in what she sells. Thank you for everything Nikki!!"

    - Kevin & Crystal Eggert


    I would go back and buy another horse from Nikki in a heartbeat...

    "This is Abby and her horse Cricket. We bought Cricket this past spring and couldn't be happier! Abby and Cricket hit it off right away from the first day they met. Cricket loves attention and loves to be brushed and let's Abby do almost anything. Abby would like to ride Cricket English, game and start jumping next year. This year they have gone to a few fun shows and went to the county fair and did good. We would recommend buying any horse from Nikki and if we need another horse I would go back and buy another horse from Nikki in a heartbeat! Thank you Nikki for Cricket she is a great horse!"

    - Rosie Fellenz

    Merrill, WI


    Jada has a good home and a very happy owner...

    "Hi Nikki,

    Oh my gosh, I love this horse! She has settled in nicely to our barn routine and seems to be comfortable with me as her new owner. I am so happy with her disposition and willingness to work. Her gait is a blast and I absolutely love riding her! I can take her all over the ranch and she's not fussy just curious.

    This week we leave for our first camping trip with her to Big Valley Ranch in Avoca WI. She seems to like my husband's horse so I think she'll be fine as his trail pal.

    Just wanted to let you know that Jada has a good home and a very happy owner!"


    - Judy Klos

    Wonder Lake, IL


    You made the buying experience so easy...


    I can't begin to thank you for connecting Moon & me! I absolutely love him!! You made the buying experience so easy. Letting me come ride on two different occasions. The second ride, you let my 2 friends bring their horses and we all rode for over 2 hours. You also got in contact with the previous owner to get more of his history. And, after all of that, you delivered Moon to my house! Thank you for making my buying experience such a positive one."


    - Sue List


    Thanks for making the experience of getting my first horse an amazing one...

    "I can't thank Nikki enough for everything. Tiny is absolutely amazing. All of her horses for sale are trained VERY well. My sister and I looked at many other horses before we found Nikki. No other horses even came close to hers. Tiny canters like a dream and slows down as soon as you ask. He was definitely trained well. He'll do anything you ask without hesitation! He is definitely a sweetheart too. He'll lick my pocket while I clean his hooves if he knows I have treats and he always rubs his head on me until I scratch his ears. Always the first to greet you at the gate too! Overall I am very pleased and definitely would get another horse from her in a heart beat. Thanks for making the experience of getting my first horse an amazing one."

    - Miranda Brunette



    He is the most quiet horse I have ever owned...

    "I am an older rider who was looking for another horse I could ride by myself and be safe on. I came to see Regal. I rode him by myself away from the barn without incident. He moved out and was very obedient, not to mention a beauty. I got him home and my friends say he is the most quiet horse I have ever owned. Nikki was very truthful in her ad of this horse. She arranged for a farrier to check him out and a vet. This week while on a ride I met up with a huge tractor and triple plow. This horse never shied. He has a home forever in my family. Thank you Nikki for being honest in this business."

    - Judy Lubenow

    Amherst, WI


    She is perfect for me...

    "I LOVE Jade!!!!!! She is perfect for me. I am so lucky and blessed!! And she doesn't get worked up around other horses. Just an angel. I have had a lot of compliments on her. Thank you Nikki!"

    - Melanie Christensen



    Quality horses that are exactly what she says they are...

    "I bought a 'guaranteed safe' horse in Montana and ended up with a broken back, Since then I have been watching Nikki's site and saw a picture of this beautiful gelding. I contacted Nikki and asked about him. I bought him sight unseen as Nikki has a spotless reputation for selling quality horses that are exactly what she says they are. I was very afraid to ride again but this horse is so gentle, I absolutely love him. Just what I needed. And you can't beat Nikki's prices, I know I could sell this horse right now for much more than I paid. I would highly recommend buying your next horse from Nikki, you will not be disappointed!"

    - Mona Crismore



    I'm so thankful to have found Nikki and Honey...

    "We had been searching for a nice riding trail horse for a few years. A horse anyone in our family could ride and a horse I felt SAFE on. After two failed attempts to find the perfect horse, I stumbled over a listing for a horse who ended up being sold, but kept the information for the next horse that popped up. Next time I checked Nikki's website, I saw a well broke mare named Honey. She was young...4...and about 5 hours away, but my husband and I made the trip to meet Honey and Nikki. So glad we did...I fell in love with Honey! Nikki didn't mind spending a few hours while we tested Honey, which I really appreciated. Honey now has a loving forever home in New Glarus, WI along with our other QH Cindy. She has been so calm and awesome since we got her I couldn't be happier. She is such a great little mare, even at 4. She does things my last 12 year old horse would never do. She finally makes riding fun for me and I'm so thankful to have found Nikki and Honey."

    - Haylie Sorenson


    He is all she said he would be...

    "Meet Maverick, the newest member of our family. We first saw him on Nikki's website and went to meet him and a pretty little mare she had for sale. After meeting us and knowing what I was looking for she felt this boy would be a good fit. After several trips to visit we made the decision to make it official. He is all she said he would be and I'm so grateful for her good judgment and patience as we made our decision. He loves the attention showered on him and is much loved. Only problem, Grandma may have to stand in line for some saddle time."

    - Judy & Al


    I thank you so much for a wonderful horse...

    "Maraina is Awesome and I love her to Death. And I thank you so much for a wonderful horse!!!!!"

    - Pam Race


    The first person I tell them to go to is you...

    "Nikki, I can not thank You enough, for the chance on buying my new horse. I can not express in words what it means to me that you found this horse and knew he was was right for me. I wish all sellers were as honest as you are. If they were the world of horse's would be a better place. I enjoyed spending the time with you and I hope in the future our paths will cross again. When anyone that is looking for a horse the first person I tell them to go to is you. Nikki, thank you again and I can't wait until he gets home so I can start working with my new boy, Not that he needs it, but I do."

    Your friend always,

    - Vickie Brannaman


    He is fantastic and really all you said he would be...

    "Jag is absolutely awesome! I am thrilled with him, he is everything you said he was and more. I was very wary about purchasing a horse without seeing him in person, but I am so glad to say he is fantastic and really all you said he would be!! I would purchase another horse from you in a heartbeat, he is the best. Thank you so much for this great horse. If you ever find another Arabian like Jag, please give me a call, because I'll want him! He is everything I was looking for and more. Thank you!"

    - Colleen Egleston



    Thank you for putting the spark back in me to get back into horses again...

    "I just want to write this testimony about Nikki and her business Dun Dreamin Appaloosa Horse Ranch. I've been through a lot in the last several years with horses from spooking to horses with health issues. So I was about to sell both our horses and get out of them all together. I went on a horse website called Horseclicks and saw an ad for a trail horse for sale. It was a mare whose name was Boo. I email if Nikki if she had info on her she was already sold so Nikki asked me what I was looking in a horse and discipline. I told Nikki I was looking for a sound safe and a pleasant horse for myself for trail riding. Nikki sent me info on 3 geldings she had for sale at the time but 2 of them were already sold so she had this 15.2 hands 13 year old gelding named Bandit she thought this would be a great fit for me. So Steve (my husband) said lets go for a drive and see him so we drove 6 hours total on a Friday night to try this gelding Bandit. Steve and I saw him and so Nikki's daughter put her saddle on him rode him for us to see how he moved. I brought my saddle and saddled him and then rode him in arena and for a person who doesn't canter I sure did!! So after the ride in the arena Nikki's daughter then took her horse and Bandit and I out on a trail ride on there property as we were riding the kids were out on ATVs and a motorized dirt bike. Bandit did absolutely nothing just looked at the kids and kept riding. This was the most exciting enjoyable experience that I ever had on a horse in the last 10 years!!! So when we got back from our ride Steve went out also. He got back and said he was Amazing!! Mind you Steve has only been in horses for 2 years now. Now that's something there. I just went to pick up Bandit today and brought him home to the boarding facility where we are boarding. All I have to say about Nikki and her family at Dun Dreamin Appaloosa Horse Ranch. Buying Bandit was a pleasant, enjoyable experience I ever had!!! Nikki is also very knowledge, intelligent, honest, personable and matching horses with owners. Have to say a VERY BIG THANK YOU for putting the spark back in me to get back into horses again!! If I have to replace my husband with another horse we would do the 6 hour drive all over again!! Well worth the trip In My Book!!"

    - Laura Erdmann

    Mosinee, WI


    Not only was she a good trail horse for me, but she also was loved by everyone who rode her...

    "Back in 2009 I bought Alli from Nikki, whom I met through mutual friends. Alli was a steal, $800 for this horse, who turned out to be an an amazing horse for me and the current owners that bought her from me. Alli came to Nikki as a rescue, and then to me as a good trail horse. Not only was she a good trail horse for me, but she also was loved by everyone who rode her, including some of my developmentally disabled clients, younger nieces and nephews, siblings, and boyfriend who didn't know much about horses at the time. She was my old faithful that I trusted with anyone. I ended up selling my beautiful flea bitten girl because she just wasn't barrel horse material, but now is loved by two little girls unconditionally, who enjoy riding on a trail, in an arena, and even do some jumping with her. Alli was also a grade mare, nothing fancy, no special blood lines, I wish I knew her history, but it just goes to show that a cheap horse can sometimes be the best one in the herd. Thank you, Nikki for giving me the opportunity to own her and love her!!"

    - Sarah Manley

    Huntersville, NC

    I will definitely go back to Nikki...

    "I purchased Scamper from Nikki and felt very comfortable doing so. She told Me everything she could about the horse. Nikki was very easy to talk to and made purchasing my horse very stress free. I will definitely go back to Nikki if I am ever looking for another horse."

    - Laurie Banaszynski

    Best horse buying experience I have had in a very long time...

    "Just purchased a mare from Nikki Schwaller Huiting. Best horse buying experience I have had in a very long time! Thank you to Nikki and her daughters for giving us a little expo and answering any/all questions we had. If you are looking for a horse, I highly recommend contacting Nikki to see what she has available. Thanks again Nikki and girls! We are super excited to hit the trails!"

    - Dawn Knueppel

    Cecil, WI


    She will go out of her way to find you what you are looking for...

    "My husband at 63 who never rode before has taken lessons and now rides horses with me. All of our horses have come from Dun Dreamin Appaloosa Ranch. She is a very honest, sincere person. There were horses we loved, and would have bought, but out of our capabilities as senior riders. Nikki wasn't afraid to tell us. The horses we have purchased from Nikki are all sound, well broke and a pleasure to ride at home and out on trails. We would recommend Nikki to anyone looking for a horse and have many times. She will go out of her way to find you what you are looking for and is always ready to answer any questions you may have after the purchase."

    - Dave & Lynn Martin

    Athelstane, WI

    This quality in a horse person is hard to come by...

    "Let's see.. Where to Start? I first met Nikki about 5 years ago when I had a Haflinger that was no longer really of any use to me. Nikki had a Red Dun mare that fit right into my breeding program. We talked and figured each horse would work for what we do so I drove up and met Nikki and we made a trade with the Haflinger and the Red Dun.

    Since then I have kept in touch with Nikki via Facebook. I have watched her and her daughters grow as horse woman. I have watched her place countless horses in homes that are not only perfect for the horse, but perfect for the owner as well. Nikki has always had a good eye for being able to place horses with someone that will get the most of them and vice versa. She has always been open and honest about the horses she sells. She spends her life and her sole job is finding perfect matches for horse and rider.

    Seeing all this over the years it was easy for me to contact Nikki when I decided this year (2014) that I needed to take a break from horses. I have been an active horsewoman running a full fledged breeding/boarding/training facility to buying and selling horses and even standing a quality reining stallion here in WI. I have shown and given lessons and have met countless people nationwide while being so active in the horse industry. I have met many people and Nikki is hands down one of the most true and honest horse woman I have met. I wouldn't second guess sending anyone her way. Parting with my horses wasn't an easy task. One especially being out of my late Stallion and a horse that changed my views on the horse industry in many ways. Nikki has made me transition from being a horse owner to a horseless horse woman beyond easy. Of course I know I've been a pain in the process but not once did Nikki ever make me feel like I was a burden. This quality in a horse person is hard to come by and one very few people will find in their years of being a horse owner. Nikki has allowed me to vent and bounce things off her and most importantly she is loving my boys and placing them with the right folks. It was getting hard having different folks come out and try the horses and having to shed the tears time and time again. I will never be able to thank her enough for what she has done for myself and my mom.

    Horses were a thing my mom and I did together. While a break is needed and it is right. I will be back in the horse industry in time and I won't hesitate to contact Nikki when we are ready to find our next horse. Thank you Nikki and Jason for everything you have done for my mom and I. I will forever and always be grateful for your honesty, kindness and friendship."

    - Jessie

    JT Performance Horses

    Delafield, Wisconsin

    Thanks Nikki for letting me be a small part of this...

    "I've been working with Nikki for a little over 8 years now on her website. It has been a joy for me to watch her business grow and expand with every 'update' email she sends. I have truly enjoyed reading and adding every story to this page--it's been very touching. I look forward to the future stories to come! Thanks Nikki for letting me be a small part of this!"

    - Laurie Schreiber

    Birnamwood, WI


    She doesn't just sell and forget...

    "Hello everyone. My name is Lori, I had been searching for a long time for a horse with lots of experience in trail riding for a long time. So when I saw Harvey I knew he was for me. I need a horse with no tacking or mounting issues, not spooky, I am not an experienced rider. But I love horses and always dreamed of owning one I could handle. I didn't have a ton of knowledge with the Appaloosa breed, but love his color. So, I went to Nikki's ranch to try him out. He is just the right height. She was very informative, told me about her experience with him. So I called a lady to ask about Nikki's character. I was reassured. I took him home that day. And he is everything she said he was. There is not one horse out there that is perfect all the time. But if have any ?? she helps me out. How cool is that she doesn't just sell and forget. I love that I can go out and get him. tie, tack groom and ride with no problems...does all that I ask...did I mention he loads like a dream...I recommend anyone who is looking for a horse and partner for the rider to see her about a horse.... here is one picture of one of my joyful rides with my Harvey."

    - Lori Niemann

    Mountain, WI


    The farm has great care and is very well taken care of...

    "I bought this boy from Nikki. He is a 5 year old dapple grey registered American Quarter Horse. When I was looking for a horse I contacted Nikki and told her what I was looking for and she gave me my options. We discussed what horses she thought would be right for me and I came and tried two of them out. She gave me very clear directions to get to her house and when I got there I was welcomed very nicely. Nikki and her girls were willing to help me right away and I looked at two horses that Nikki thought would work for me. And I fell in love with Rooster the minute she brought him out. We talked about it worked things out and I ended coming back shortly after to buy this beautiful boy. I now use Rooster as a intermediate to advanced lesson horse and my everything horse. He does great for me and was everything Nikki told me he was. She was honest with me from the beginning about how he would need some ground work and I put that on him and now he works very well for me. Thank you for selling him to me! The farm has great care and is very well taken care of I would recommend Dun Dreamin' Appaloosa Ranch, if you are looking to buy a horse!"

    - Gina Mongiat

    Lena, WI


    My boys love going to Nikki's farm and riding her horses when we visit...

    "I have known Nikki for many years. We met when we were both boarding at a private farm. She is a great horsewoman in every sense of the word, she never stops learning about horses - health, training, breeds, and more. When she brought Nevada to Chad's farm I was in love with her right away. I already had enough horses for my family and was not looking to add to my herd. Nikki was kind enough to let me ride Nevada one year at Caroline on the Sunday ride when I had not brought up my horses. I fell even more in love with her. I told Nikki if she ever was to sell her let me know. Well, her girls got into barrel racing, and Nevada is NOT a barrel horse. So, since she was not getting used enough Nikki called and offered her to me - and I said yes, without even talking to my husband about it. I paid for her, my name is on her papers, but she has been claimed by my husband. His horse was given to our boys to ride, and he took over Nevada--he fell in love with her too. He is as stubborn as she is, and it is quite comical, the 2 of them on trail rides as they have their "talks". However, she will go through anything for him (he just makes her think its her idea) and he LOVES her extended trot. Our other horse we got from Nikki is Lady. Lady used to belong to Chad's daughter, but she grew up and went to college. Then Nikki kept her at her farm for her niece, who decided she wanted more of a challenge as she got older. Nikki called me up and asked me if I would give Lady her forever home and let my boys learn from her (William is 15 and a good rider - he steals Nevada from his dad, Daniel is 9 and still green, and Wyatt just turned 4). Knowing Lady and her calmness I said yes, and all my boys love her and fight over who gets to ride. She was our blessing in disguise as we brought her home in February 2013, and sadly had to put down Scooter (my husbands AQHA of 18 years) due to his neck tumor causing problems in September at age 30. My boys love going to Nikki's farm and riding her horses when we visit. I know she will always match their riding abilities to the horse perfectly. I am proud to call Nikki my friend, as is my whole family proud to have her as a friend."

    - Marie Brietzke

    Darboy, Wisconsin


    Will only buy from her...

    "I have bought 3 horses from Nikki and will only buy from her as she is honest and has a true passion for the horses and what she does. She has saved so many horses that have went to their forever homes. I needed a smooth horse as I have back problems since breaking my back in 2006 and she fit me with a Tennessee Walker named Elmo and he is my best friend. (Thank you to Serenity List also). Nikki you are truly amazing in what you do and as a person (friend). Thank you so much again."

    - Shelly Whiting

    Suring, WI


    He is an awesome trail horse and everything she said he was...

    "I bought my grade paint horse, Hidalgo a.k.a. Warrior from Nikki a little over a year ago. He is an awesome trail horse and everything she said he was. I have taken him camping and he does excellent. I would recommend if you are buying a horse, you buy it from Nikki. I would buy another horse from Nikki...it was well worth the drive."

    - Dawn Ortman

    Poplar Grove, Illinois


    I was very pleased and impressed with my transaction with Nikki...

    "This week we found the horse I've been looking for my whole life. Rubin is a sweet, beautiful Appaloosa gelding. He is amazing with my kids (ages 8,6, and 3). After seeing him advertised online, I messaged the seller, Nikki. She immediately responded, and we set up a date to go visit her in Amberg. Upon pulling up to their stable, I noticed how clean and spacious the grounds were. Nikki and her daughters came out and brought Rubin over to us to meet. He was easy to halter and lead. Her daughter then rode him around. Finally, my daughter and son had their turns. Rubin is a healthy, happy boy. Nikki was very good about asking us what we were looking for and what our needs were. Rubin seemed like a good match, as he is small enough and gentle enough for my kids, but not so small that they will outgrow him. When I told Nikki it may be a few weeks before we could arrange a trailer, she offered to haul Rubin to us (2.5 hrs away) the next day. Indeed, her husband arrived promptly with Rubin the following day. They did this for only the cost of gas! We are extremely happy with Rubin. He is fitting right in. I was very pleased and impressed with my transaction with Nikki. It felt very professional. I would definitely do business with Dun Dreamin' again."

    Thanks, Nikki!

    - Mary Tobin-Anderson

    Marquette, Michigan


    You were so patient and understanding with me through the whole process...

    "Nikki I cannot thank you enough for my awesome prema pony!! She is truly my dream horse!!! She makes my soul happy, and being the mother of a special needs child as well as a farmers wife, I need the escape and tranquility a ride on her offers me!! You were so patient and understanding with me through the whole process, for that I am truly great full, and cannot thank you enough!! Again, thank you for making my dreams come true!!"

    - Melissa Kleiman

    Wilson, Michigan

    She was honest in everything she said in the ads...

    "Nikki helped me out in a rough patch and bought two beautiful horses from me and found them the perfect homes. She was honest in everything she said in the ads and the people couldn't have been more happy. They contacted me and told me how wonderful they were and how happy they were to find the perfect horse."

    - Deadrah Thiel

    Crandon, Wisconsin

    cougar and dory

    Nikki was one of the nicest people I have worked with...

    "Hello my name is Nicole Kroyer and I bought 2 mares from Nikki. My moms horse Malibu and My baby Cougar. They were everything that Nikki told me they were. Nikki was one of the nicest people I have worked with to find horses my experience with Nikki was very good, great communication also. I love my new mares and they make a good part of my herd and family."

    - Nicole Kroyer

    New Prague, Minnesota

    I still had something to do with the sale from Nikki to the new owners...

    "When I had our girls for sale (Bella & Mariah) I was very leery about who they went to. Immediately after receiving an email from Nikki, I checked out her website. I saw that she bought and sold horses which didn't make me feel any better. After many emails, Nikki relieved all of my fears and concerns. I was extremely comfortable with my decision to sell them to her. The best part was the fact that I still had something to do with the sale from Nikki to the new owners. I am so thrilled to be friends with Bella's new mommy, Jennifer Koontz Cretens! I know she is still loved and cared for the way she was here! Love you Nikki!!!"

    - Donna Danke

    Bear Creek, Wisconsin


    Nikki was one of the nicest people I have worked with...

    "For anyone who might be considering buying or selling a horse I highly recommend Nikki Huiting! I purchased a wonderful AQHA mare from her a year ago. I went to Nikki's horse ranch one day, made my decision, put a down payment on her and Nikki delivered her in a few days.

    She runs a very professional yet personal business and truly cares about all the horses she has.

    She has a very well maintained farm-everything is clean and in excellent condition.

    She is honest, very knowledgeable about horses and will even help match a horse to you.

    When the time comes for me to retire and cover up my saddles for good I would contact Nikki before anyone else to sell and/or place my equines!"

    - Jennifer Cretens-Proud Owner of Bella

    God's peace to you!


    I didn't get what I was looking for, we got MORE...


    "I would like to send a note off to you thanking you for the wonder you created in our family with assisting us when we decided to buy two horses from you than have truly become a part of our family. We foster a young man that is 22 years old with autism, he has become a truly outstanding man with the involvement we have been able to share with him and the horses you sold to us. On the top picture you will see us being able to pony him on his dream horse one Fall day last year. Ryan, has developed a voice with being able to work with, care for, and learn about trust with Stetson who has welcomed Ryan and all of his quirks without question. I however was able to do this for him with a horse that you choose for me in Sizzle. Together Sizzle and Stetson are able to be ponied, rode, and just teach both Ryan and myself so much. I thank you for the time you took to read the email I sent off to you and your understanding in the horses we were asking for. But I will admit it was to my surprise that I didn't get what I was looking for, we got MORE. So if there is ever a time we are in the need again, or anyone is in question of how great a person yourself or your abilities are to find that PERFECT horse please feel free to share my contact and I will very willingly let them know. All they need to do is ask, be honest in what they want and they will get that and so much more. So again from Ryan and I we both say GIDDY UP."

    - Traci Olson & Family

    Marinette, Wisconsin


    She goes out of her way to spend money on the horses she brings in...

    "I got a leopard Appaloosa named Justice from Nikki in 2007. He was wonderful and everything she said he was. I got along so well with her that we have stayed in touch over the years. I later took him back to her for a training update. Her daughter, Alex, did his training, and when I got him back a month later, he had drastically improved! Nikki and I have stayed friends and I always recommend her to people who are looking for a horse, especially appaloosas! Justice was in an accident when he was only 7 and had to be put down. Nikki was one of the first people to call me (not even sure how she found out so fast) to try to make me feel better. She does not just sell and forget about the horses, she cares about all of them and wants them to have the best match in a new owner. She goes out of her way to spend money on the horses she brings in for re-sale to make sure they are as healthy and sound as possible before she sells them. Her prices are worth it if you want a horse that doesn't have any issues as soon as you get it home and you can always call her afterwards for advice."

    - Becky Kendell

    Menasha, Wisconsin


    When it came to selling him, I turned to Nikki for help...

    "I have known Nikki for the last 15 years, we started off boarding at the same place and have been friends since. In 2008 I purchased a Percheron "Jack" from her, unfortunately the following year we had to sell him due to some personal reasons. When it came to selling him, I turned to Nikki for help, as I was heartbroken with having to sell him. He was the first horse I ever had to sell and wasn't sure how to go about it, she was a tremendous help. Last year when we moved from our own farm to go back to boarding again, she helped place one of the horses at our farm when there was nowhere for him to go. She stepped in and said she would help find a home for him so I brought him up by her and she found someone take him. I am very grateful to her for all of her help. If in the future, we are ready to find another the add to our herd, she will be the first person I turn to."

    - Stacy Heuer

    Kimberly, Wisconsin

    She is very knowledgeable and is so very kind...

    "Dun Dreamin' Appaloosa Ranch is an amazing place to visit and especially to find your forever partner of a horse. Although I have never bought a horse from Nikki, she has helped me out so many times. Giving me pointers, advice, and everything in between. I have never meet such a person as herself, to go to her wits end to help find and place each horse with its suitable rider. She is very knowledgeable and is so very kind and has more patients than I have ever seen in a person. She and her business are truly a great experience to deal with. You won't be disappointed and will leave with a great experience and a little bit more information and knowledge than you came with."

    - Deadrah Thiel


    Nikki horse's are well worth the price you pay. She sticks the time into them...

    "This horse was bought from Nikki!! We had a friend looking for a well broke horse to do Civil War, Wild West, reenacting also for trail riding. Nikki is a very honest seller and I would send everyone to her. This horse was exactly as she advertised him. If he wasn't we would of not had our friend buy from her. Most of you wouldn't know who I am, because I do not go by my married name. I am married to Smokie Brannaman he has a lot of experience with horses. (As some of you may know. LOL) He would recommend Nikki if someone is looking for a good honest seller with good broke horse's. We have recommended Nikki many times and will do in the future. You do not find many sellers like Nikki. This horse has been to many Civil War and Wild West shows, trail rides, and we also had kids that never rode and he never makes a wrong move. Luke still does training on him from time to time but, its Luke not the horse. (Luke is new to the horse world.) But this horse takes very good care of him. This horse has been to Gettysburg Civil War 150th event. He went in to battle with 400 horse's and did a awesome job. If Luke would ever sell this horse we would take him in a minute. Nikki horse's are well worth the price you pay. She sticks the time into them and gets them well trained. I rather find a horse with a good foundation and pay for it."

    Thank You Nikki!!

    - Vickie Brannaman


    Jason & Nikki Huiting


    Alex Andraschko


    Dun Dreamin Ranch

    W8456 Dow Dam Rd

    Amberg, WI 54102